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Thread: Help please? Toilet Training query

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    Ghada Guest

    Question Help please? Toilet Training query

    Hi Everyone,

    My 2yo DD has been self toilet taught for almost 6 months now, she was really good, not many accidents and did it all on her own accord

    Problem is in the last week she has been constantly wetting her undies - and the other day she decided she'd do a number2 in there aswell :eek: (sorry for the TMI). Going from perfectly TT to needing about 5 changes per not sure what went wrong.

    Is this normal?

    She did have a temp a few weeks ago and turned out she had a UTI - but its been all clear for at least 2 weeks now.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance

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    Maybe she's scared for some reason - has something changed in your bathroom? It might be possible that she's heard something and interprated it in a funny way so maybe you could explain the plumbing to her in a very simple way and emphasise that it only goes one way just in case she thinks that there's a pee gobbler down there or similar.
    If she had a UTI you could maybe take her to the Dr just to check that it has cleared up properly.
    Good luck. I hope you find a solution soon.

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    angelfish Guest


    how verbal is she? Could you have a little talk about it and see whether she can tell you what the matter is?

    Has anything else changed? Is she under unusual stress for any reason? Is she having any jealousy / regression issues wrt her baby brother?

    How did you handle the accidents? Is it possible that the first time was due to the uti but then she decided that wetting gets more attention than toiletting?

    Just a few things to consider...

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