thread: Help with Toilet Training please. Is this normal?

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    Apr 2008

    Help with Toilet Training please. Is this normal?

    My almost 2 1/2 year old is starting to toilet train and she has great bladder control. She holds on so long I am starting to worry that she may end up with a UTI. She is anxious about using the potty or toilet she will hold on for over 5 hours before she goes.

    We praise her after she goes she has a sticker chart, if she has an accident we just say oh well next time do wee's in the potty, clean up the spill and dont make a fuss. I think the anxiety came because we tried to tt at 20 months and she just wasn't ready.

    She prefers to go in privacy, the other day I was on the loo and had to shut the door so she would go on her potty and she did a wee quite happily, funny thing that she is like this becuase she is always wanting to watch me go just doesnt like to be watched herself. Then I had a shower and she did a poo in the potty and tipped it in the loo before I finished my shower. Is this amount of privacy anything to be concerned about?

    I guess I was wondering if anyone else has had a smiliar experience or any suggestions. At the moment she has not gone since her night nappy came off and she is tired and ready for a nappy, its been over 5hours now . I am encouraging fluids as much as I can.

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    From working with kids, I know it's not unusual for some kids to hold on until they are somewhere they feel comfortable going, or for some to prefer to go in private.
    If she's not drinking much throughout the morning, she might have gotten most of her wee out in the night nappy? I think you're doing the right thing in encouraging fluids - if she were susceptible to a UTI, the more fluids the better.
    What is she wearing during the day? If she is just in normal knickers, might she feel more relaxed in something like a pull-up or boosted training pants, knowing that if she has an accident it won't be so bad?
    I think the privacy thing is not really an issue unless she is somewhere she just can't have it (eg. daycare) Perhaps trying different places to put the potty - like a hidden corner of her own room - could encourage her to go.
    I'm no expert so I can't say whether you should worry about the holding causing problems, I just know it's quite common.
    Hopefully, she will take her cue from you and get a bit more relaxed about it gradually. Wish you luck, and maybe someone else will have some advice too

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    Apr 2008

    thanks crystal. The last 2 days she is going much more frequently and normally wees within 60secs of sitting on the potty. She is in underpants at the moment or nothing if she decides to take them off lol. I think she is getting used to the idea now we shall see how we go

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    Mar 2009

    Good luck!


    Just wanted to say - Good luck! Sounds like you are both doing a great job!