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Thread: Homemade Wipe Solution Recipes

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    Question Homemade Wipe Solution Recipes

    This forum has been an invaluable source of information so far. I'm due to give birth this week so am excitedly awaiting our new arrival!

    I have been stocking up on cloth nappies and am keen to use cloth wipes too (history of eczema in both parents).

    1) Would you just use water to start with or do you prefer using a solution?

    2)I've seen a few recipes including lavender oil, almond oil, chamomile tea etc and wondered what your favourite homemade wipe solution recipe is (especially for a newborn)?


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    To start with I would just use water.
    Any nut oils you are best to test with a teeeny amount first, as they can be allergic

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    Yep, I agree with Rachael, just use water at first especially if there is a history of eczema.

    I used a chamomile tea solution for wipes but then I got slack so now I just use plain water LOL. I get the chamomile tea out when he's teething though - those teething poos are shockers!

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    I agree... plain, cool, boiled water is sufficient for newborns. The midwives at the hospital also advised me to use cotton balls but I got sick of them after a while and just used a soft face-washer (then moved onto disposable wipes after a few weeks... but that's because I got lazy...).

    Now that Gab is in cloth nappies, I prefer to use cloth wipes so I use chamomile tea (just made up like the packet says). I've also tried a washy wafer which I think you can get from Twins in Cloth and it smelled really nice! I will have to invest in some more of those.
    I just use flannel/terry facewashers as the wipes and they do a great job (you can get a pack of 5 cheapy face washers for $2.99 at Safeway/Woolworths). I have heard of really noice wipes tho. I may splash out and get some when I am off my nappy ban, LOL.

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    We just used plain old water with face washers for about 6 months and as Mackenzie was a winter baby we made sure the water was warm. It gave my hands hell as I also have eczema and having them in water constantly every day was not good for them. I'm still suffering the side effects from it 18 months later but it was worth it.

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    We grew tired of paying for wipes. Instead, we have an easy and cheap solution, just as effective too. THERE'S NO MYSTERY TO WIPES!

    Buy good quality rolls of paper towel (the thicker the better - even the pricier ones are cheaper than buying wipes!) Get a square or rectangular lidded plastic container, slightly larger than a square of paper towel. Make sure it seals nicely. Also, you'll need some mild liquid handwash or bodywash or babywash of your choice, unscented/non allergenic if you prefer. Then you're ready to make up your wipes.

    1. Unroll the entire roll of paper towel into a neat "concertina" stack.

    2. Squirt a tablespoon or two (roughly - use your judgement) of the handwash into your plastic container, and add some warm water to a depth of roughly 2 or 3 centimetres (an inch or so). Slosh it around to mix the handwash in.

    3. Place the stack of paper towel in the container. Press down so that it soaks up the mix.

    4. Decide whether or not you think it needs a topup of water if you think the stack of paper towelling isn't damp enough. You're aiming for a level of dampness like the commercial wipes. Don't worry if too wet - you can just press down on the stack and pour off excess water.

    5. Keep lidded, and there's your box of wipes for home. The single sheets of paper towel tear off easily as you need them.

    They lidded plastic box can be a bit bulky if you're out and about. If you're going out, just separate the quantity you need, and place in a shallower plastic container, or a ziplock plastic bag.

    Remember to wash container between batches to prevent bugs accumulating.

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