thread: How do i introduce the potty?

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    Jun 2005

    How do i introduce the potty?

    My DD is 2 next week. I want to introduce the potty but dont know how. I have had her sit on it for a few mornings this week - only for 2-3 mins. Do i keep doing that and hope the penny will drop?

    Is she too young? She understands what im saying, but just hasnt made the link.

    HELP !!

    Your experiences would be appreciated.

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - we bought a cheap doll that drinks water and wees that came with its own potty and we played with that, gave it a drink, made a big deal when it wee'd ... that sort of thing.

    I tried Cait on the pot just after she turned two and she didnt want to know about it, tried it again three months later and she had daytimes done in a week. She also picked out her own potty for the second try, a purple turtle with a lid. We had her old potty around the house from when she was a baby.

    I found a week when I didn't have any other commitments so that we could concentrate on it all day so she would be in undies all day and it did not matter if there were a few accidents at the start.

    Also, IMO, don't get sucked into pullups, I think they feel like a nappy and IME, Cait just wet in them like a nappy. And they are super expensive. Aldi supermarkets have a similar product that does the same thing for half the price if you want to try them.

    Everyone says they learn when they want to, you can't force them. Good luck.


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    Jun 2005
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    Both my neices were potty trained at a young age (Anna at 19 months and Schae at 20 months) and both their mums just put the potty out where they were able to sit on it. Granted both understood what was going on as they would say wees or poos when they needed to go. They left the potty in the lounge or wherever they spent most of their time and then they just jumped on when they needed to go. Sometimes they would just use it as a chair! They also say let them watch you in the toilet if you don't mind a wondering eye! (and sometime hands!). I'm hoping to start toilet training mackenzie in the new year when it is warmer and the silly season has passed so we will be home with no interuptions! Good luck.

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    Ali Guest

    A good tip I read somewhere and used was to put them on the potty each night while you are running the bath. They always seem to go then and combined with the running water they will usually do a wee. You can then give lots of praise and they want to sit on it every night at bath time.

    Hope this helps and good luck!