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Thread: How to keep it going

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    My little man is 2yrs 3 months and I started TT yesterday.

    He missed the mark once with a wee, and tonight when I was getting the baby ready for bed, Coops comes in with some poo on his bottom. I went to sit him on his potty and there was a huge poo in there!!!

    How do I keep up the good behaviour without regressing?

    How do I manage leaving the house without worrying about going backwards with a nappy (or does this not happen)?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    just keep telling him what an awesome job he is doing and he is such a big boy etc

    Ummm wait till he can be dry at home and always ask him if he needs to go.

    And make sure he goes before u go out in a car....Ashy didnt go b4 we left n i got no further then 5 mins n he needed to go ty maccas lol

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