thread: Huggies?

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    Mar 2005
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    All mums I have talked to recommend Huggies disposables, what do you think?

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    I used them for nearly Aidyn's whole life, and have only just switched brands to save money.
    IMO they are definately the best, however, they are also the most expensive.
    Most people find using Huggies is best at the newborn stage compared with other brands, because they seem to fit the smaller babies better.

    Another thing I did for a while was to use them on Aidyn for overnight, and put cheaper ones on him during the day, as nighttime is the most likely time that you will get nappy leaks.

    HERE is a thread and poll on what brands of nappies other members use.

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    Aug 2004

    I only use a few disposables as I'm a cloth mum, but huggies are the brand I buy. Apparently one of the Aldi supermarket nappies are really good (They have 2 sorts.....)

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    Jun 2003

    Every child is different I think. I personally disliked huggies. I found Paris' urine smelt really bad in the huggies, and they gave her a rash. We used babylove nappies which were not only cheaper but did the exact same job, with grip tabs & indicators.

    I think it *pays* to try different types and also to try and score as many freebies as you can, that way you won't be paying for something you might not use.



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    Kameron my first born was allergic to Huggies disposables. I actually recommend babylove. They do the same job and are cheaper. I also found that Huggies let off a weird smell as soon as the child was wet, where as baby love didn't you had to check.


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    Melinda Guest

    When Jacob was a newborn, we used Huggies on him 24/7. When he was about 3.5 months old, we started to use Snugglers during the day, and Huggies at night - we still do this now. We have personally found Huggies to be the superior nappy, but they are definitely expensive, that's why we decided to only use them of a night time and use something cheaper during the day. We've been quite happy with this and I don't envisage us changing what we're doing now. I imagine that when our next baby comes along, we will do exactly the same thing.

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    We have used different sorts, and we don't use huggies because they always leak on Matilda, maybe she has a weird shaped bum. But one thing I would recommend is trying different sorts & seeing how they go

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    We have only used Huggies on Amy. I put on a Babylove sample that I got in the Bounty bag but didn't like it. They have only leaked once when she was growing out of the Newborn nappies. We are happy with them so will probably stick with them.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I use a brand from Aldi that Fi was talking about.
    Mamia I think they are called. N E way, they are about $16 for 56 of them and I personally think they are as good as huggies.
    I have tried baby love but they leaked. I also tried snugglers but they don't last as long. The Mamia ones have a little bit of elastic in the tabs and they just feel more comfy imo.

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    May 2004

    I buy huggies and sometimes babylove. Coles own are good as well.
    I always check out the junk mail to see how has huggies on special if your lucky you can pick them up for $29.99 a box.

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    We used different brands on different babies, as the shape of their hips determines how well any particular brand of nappy will fit. With my second child I found myself using Snugglers during the day and Huggies at night, as the Huggies are definitely more absorbent than the other brands and we didn't get leaks with them. I tried Babylove, but they weren't reliable with the leg seals and did leak a couple of times.

    Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.


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    Mar 2005
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    Thankyou guys

    i was nearly sold on the idea of clothies, but sometimes i think that all the extra washing would be a bit too much, oh well i have 6 months to make that decision O

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    May 2004

    Huggies boxes of nappies are on sale at Coles this week for $29.95! Not sure if it's only VIC, but worth checking out.

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    Oct 2004
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    I use both Babylove and Huggies. When DD was first born the Babylove fitted her better than the Huggies, they are not quite as wide. I have had both leak/blowout when they should not have and both hold onto some pretty impressive poos without leaking. So I can't really work out which is better. I do find if DD is only Babylove she can get a bit rashy, putting her in 1 Huggie every day or every 2nd day seems to stop this.

    BTW supermarket catalogues just came in, there are really good specials on both Baby Love and Huggies large packs this week.


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Huggies in this house, they are fabbo

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    Hi - I tried them all when Cait was born and ended up with the snugglers during the day and huggies at night combo after she was about 6 months old.

    Some nappy outlets have the baby love in seconds which are a bit cheaper, I went thru a few boxes of those with only one or two duds per box. I don't know they called them seconds.

    Haven't tried the Aldi nappies, just their variety of pull ups which did the same job as the huggies ones.