thread: I love toilet training!

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    Aug 2003

    I love toilet training!

    Two weeks ago I realised I only had one nappy left, and knowing that Ashlea (2 1/2) would need it for her sleep, I told her that she needed to be a big girl today and use the toilet until we went to the shops after her sleep. Next thing I know shes sitting on the toilet doing a wee!
    Since then she tells me she's a 'big girl' and hasnt used nappies in the day time except for her sleep since. She basically taught herself and when she needs to go to the toilet she grabs me and says 'quick mummy, wees coming', and off she goes. The first two days she didnt like doing poo in the toilet, but quickly got the hang of that too. I hardly even have to ask her if she needs to go.
    I have been dreading toilet training and thought it would go on for months and months but its great! I took her shopping and bought her new 'jocks' (as she calls them) and she just loved picking out her big girl knickers!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Wow that's fantastic Dee, I bet you are soooo proud of your litle star

    Well done Ashlea =D>

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    Congratulations ashlea what a big girl you are !!

    Now if only my 2.5yr old would follow suit

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2003

    wow that great dee

    your a good girl ashlea you must make mummy so proud

    take care