thread: i think i need help??

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    Oct 2007
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    Wink i think i need help??

    My name is Jess and i'm now an MCN addict.

    I wake up in the morning and i check BB cloth thread for inside scope i then go to Arimeh's Clothie bumz and check out the whole site. this if followed with a FB check and then a full favourites check... (going down the list of favourites of MCN stores to see what is going on, stocking days etc) I check few times a day. When i hear new lines ihavent heard of i google then want, want , want so badly i sneak out at night and buy so DP cant see me...

    I talk about fluff to everyone who will listen. Wosrt part is i have now started dreaming fluff...

    Dreams of the mailman bringing me deliveries of lusious fluff. Bidding on fluff, buying fluff, i have even layby'd fluff... and now asked for more from another lady...

    My hot water blew and all i can think of is... oh no... that means no fluff fix for a while...

    I even have DD obsessed... i call them her pretties... so at change time i say time for pretties and she comes running (well fast crawling but soon it will be running) she loves them and the fact i am being environmentally friendly her butt is also thanking me... (well not at the mo... i sposie and we have a blooming rash)

    I was thinking dont beat it just go with it... have more babies which means future fluff... But DP says i need a break til i pay for and recieve the last lot i have organised...

    Any way to beat this addiction ladies...

    ETA... no idea why i am asking ur ll enablers... But i Luv ya all...

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    What no replys... i expected at least one!!!

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    Nov 2006

    hun I know exactly how you feel! I cannot wait for this next baby to arrive so if its a girl I can buy more MCNS!!!!!!

    DS has way too many now for me to buy anymore1 So I might live vicariously through you!

    Tiahna sounds so cute crawling so fast for her pretties!

    Moogoo hun for the nappy rash will be gone so fast and you can use it with your mcns!

    My name is Amber and I am a fluff addict too!

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    Apr 2007
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    i think you need help

    i am not an addict . I dont have a problem ..

    ( ok , are you falling for that ? lol )

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    Apr 2008

    You crack me up! You should have changed your name to fluffaholic!

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    Jul 2007
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    Oh Jess, I feel exactly the same way and, as you know, Jack has only been in fluff a couple of weeks. Now I want another baby just so I can buy newborn sized fluff...LMAO.

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    Oh bugger maybe i should have change my name to that... i think i have to wait now... LOL...

    Marlene... I think having another newbie with me has helped... thanks... lol... When u buy although i feel compelled to buy too i am happy to just see someone with new fluff now also...

    I decided to take a break for well financial reasons... lol... going broke from bring click happy biying MCN's and babylegs... it lasted all of .................. 7 hours... i brough a pair of babylegs... not fluff but classed in the same category in my books... I just cant stop.

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    I'm not an addict


    At least my dreams have stopped now - OMG - they were horrible - fluff everywhere - credit cards flying around, AIO's, AI2's, pockets, snaps, velcro, fitteds, covers - arghhh!!! Used to drive me insane!!!!

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    Mel Hun... How many naps in ur stash hun??? r u in denial?? or r u cured now from buying so many,.... gosh please dont tell me i have to get to that amount before i can stop???

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    Dec 2007
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    uh how many? uh... but I have two in cloth - its not fair to compare..

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    Oct 2007
    Ever so slowly going crazy...

    Fluffaholic, signing in!!!
    It is my world now, and the kids are as addicted as I am....

    If were going somewhere, EVERYONE wants a say on what nappy and b/l combo Kane and Harmony should be in, everyones a critic... the 4 kids love openeing up fluffy mail, and putting them on Kane to check em out...

    Kane picks his own nappy each morning, and then we match b/l, and when he's dressed, i say "show mummy your babylegs" and he puts hid hands on each knee, and wiggles back and forth with his butt!!! Too cute...

    and dont get me started on someone having a sale... I'll be there, with bells on, and not much else, cant afford clothes for me wwhen there is nappies to buy...

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    How funny,

    WEEELLLLLLLL Jess you are making me jealous i just bought my FIRST MCN ARGHHHHH

    I Hope i don't turn out like you pmsl

    My husband will kill me lol ( not really he will just roll his eyes)

    Ok jess so how many do you have ????????????????????

    First timer

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    Oh no jess.....
    i think i need to ban you from the computer for a while (but you are still allowed on BB) LOL
    i havnt started yet
    how much do u think u have spent? thats the only thing im scared of.. is the cost

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    Dec 2006
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    another fluffy holic here - but i guess i can't say i'm TOO addicted seeing i've banned myself for a couple of weeks AND managed to stick by it!

    RR - cloth doesn't have to be exxy hun - i haven't paid full price for much at all - i look for sales, i buy from MPM's (gotta love discounts!) - i think probably the only thing i've paid full price for are Maz covers - and they're not exxy anyway (and so soft and so cute!)

    must take a piccy of my stash - but at the moment it's all over the place - some being prewashed, some waiting for prewash, some already and raring to go when this bubba arrives!

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    Well i have been using flats for day time since Dd was born and sposies at night and going out. (terry isnt thab absorbent for a car trip) I only have 3 here ATM but am waiting on Hmmmmmm about 15 newones... Plus i have asked a special lady for some things... U can layby... - Mel has been my BFF with the layby... lol.

    I have spent about $250 fo far and once i have gotten enough i'm expecting bout $500... lol. But considering if i was using full time sposies i would be going through a pack a week or box a FN work it out its like $800-900 in sposies and what do u have for it............nothing except a stinky bin and more landfil.

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    Mar 2004

    Moving to nappies and TT forum.

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    Another fluff addict too. THere is no cure i'm sorry. I have to have atleat 4 more kidlets so i can say the amount i have spent on fluff will actually be cheaper than buying sposies

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    Dec 2006

    Ok wat is MCN and Fluff??????