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Thread: The joys of toilet training!

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    Red face The joys of toilet training!

    Well DD has been going quite well with toilet training with regards to wees. She has the tendency to drop her pants where she is and run to the toilet, the joy of which DH experienced today in the middle of Bunnings She is not doing well with poos though. She is making no effort to go to the potty/toilet.

    This afternoon she was running around undie free and climbing over the bed. As she was swinging her leg over the bed rail she pooed and it landed in the open drawer of the bedside table If I had not seen it happen I would have been wondering for ages how and why she did it. Not fun at all to clean up. Really hoping she gets the idea soon about where to poo.

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    Oh sorrry Astrid, that is so funny!!!! I am glad you saw it happen, I can only imagine your post if you hadn't!

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    Thats so funny cos I didnt have to clean it up!! pmsl.

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    Big hugs Astrid. I know what it's like. I am not quite ready to laugh at other people's poo stories yet. Jack is perfectly able to do poo in the toilet, and on good days does. On other days - well one day last week he did it in his undies and then he and Tom smeared it all over each other and all over the playroom. And I was so sure that he was past that stage! Oh well, one day I'll laugh (maybe).

    Oh yeah, advice - well apart from "get used to cleaning up poo", the best advice I can give is that it will click one day. Just when you have given up hope she will sit on the toilet and do a poo. I hope it's soon for you.

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