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Thread: Just love the Kissaluvs!

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    Default Just love the Kissaluvs!

    I just had to come and make a post to share how much I love the Kissaluvs nappy! When I was researching all the different brands, I will admit I was a bit hesitant about these - mostly because they just didn't look to be as absorbent as the rest. It was actually the ability to button down the front for the cord stump that won them the right of first use however. And I can't say just how much I loved them!

    While a few of the other nappies have had their go - the 3 Kissaluvs I purchased are now outside drying for their third time! And we're only a week old today. These nappies are absolutely brilliant for the stump, and I'm pretty sure it's the extra airing it provided that helped it heal so well.

    I didn't manage to get a pic before the stump came off, but this is little Savannah at 6 days old (one day after the stump came off).

    P.S. Hihi Kelly and Sam - figured it was about time I got my butt on here.

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    Hi and WELCOME to BellyBelly!

    Wow such a cute little bubba

    Glad the kissaluvs are performing well and are getting plenty of use.

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    Claire Guest


    Such cute little pictures!

    I use a kissaluvs too on my little boy and I love it! It's a great newborn nappy.

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    OH thank yopu so much for the info Haydies
    I just bought 2 of them and was a bit hesitate for the same reason. I bought an orange one and a purple one..and OMG your pics are to die for super gorgeous!!!
    Welcome to the world of Belly belly aswell. Now dont be a stranger honey

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