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Thread: my first attempt at cloth nappies!

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    Default my first attempt at cloth nappies!

    I used cloth nappies @ the hospital when Krystal was born, but when we came home, i used disposables and have never turned back!

    now, yesterday, i realised i only had 2 nappies left! im going shopping @ Aldi tomorrow with my mum (the closest is 40 mins away!), and i really really didnt want to go down to IGA and pay a fortune for some huggies, so i said to dp 'i'll try a cloth one!' i managed to dig out some nappy pins, folded the nappy to the best of my memory (dp was convinced it wasnt right.. but it looked ok to me! lol)

    i know its not a big deal, but just felt so different! lol

    i suppose it would be the same to any mum who has used cloth nappies all along, to put on a 'sposie!

    i dont think i could manage with cloth nappies all the time tho, the washing, soaking, hanging/drying.. i have a hard time getting our clothes washed and dried! lol

    ETA - Krystal wouldnt let me put it on at first! i had to distract her and do it very quickly! she kept pulling at the pins saying 'no buttons no buttons' lol
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    Good on you for having a go

    I understand you thinking that you may not be able to cope. I've been there and quit cloth with my first. This time around though I've ben able to cope just fine. Not sure if that's just me being more used to doing the housework thing though. With 3 kids washing is never ending and an extra load every 2nd day is hardly a big a deal.

    If you're thinking about using cloth more often there is a flat nappy chatter thread HERE as well as a whole world of information about the wonder that is modern cloth nappies. They don't need soaking or pins

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