thread: My first fluffy mail has arrived and I need your help!!!

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    Apr 2009
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    My first fluffy mail has arrived and I need your help!!!

    Hi girls,

    As the title explains my first lot of pocket arrived today

    But I need your help on washing them. Obviously im not going to be using them for quite some time (have bought them now to spread expense!). I have a variety of colours:

    3x red
    3x light green
    3x white
    3x bright orange
    3x yellow

    Obviously I cant wash them all together or the colours will run and I know that nappies need to be washed approx 3 times before they will start absorbing. I intend to wash them twice and then put them away until needed and wash them again before use. I dont want to wash each colour seperatly (what a waste of water!)

    What can I do and how do you wash them properly?

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    I still havent used mine yet =P and havent had a chance to do a strip wash, but I THINK the red ones are the only ones that are worth watching... i know with mine the red ones came with warning labels but none of the others did...

    Probably should wait for some of the experienced girls to answer =P

    yay for cloth though!!

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    Generally red is the only colour that will tend to run. I wash mine all together. But for red I wash separately for the first wash. HTH.

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    I washed the inserts separately after the first wash as they are the bits that need the multiple washes (up to about 6 I think is recommended).

    I don't think I dried them between washes either (this is fine).

    Can't say anything about the outers and colours that run as I chucked all mine in together but I didn't have any real red ones to start with and when I bought my itti sio they didn't run even when I chucked all in together.

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    I'd throw the red and the orange in together separately, then everything else all in at once. After the first couple of washes it's ok to throw the red ones in as well, it's just the first few washes they might run.

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    Amy, if they're new I wouldn't wash them until you were ready to use them TBH. And then when you do soak them overnight in a bucket of cold....negates the need for multiple washes.
    But otherwise the only nappies I've ever known to run are BBH red minky ones.

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    I never wash mine separately - outers, inners, in they go together! I just don't have time working four days a week and I need to make sure I have enough to send to daycare each day.

    I have two red ones, I washed them separately the first time, now they go in with the rest. They've never run, even with a hot wash for poop.

    When they were brand new I only washed them once. Just meant I had to change DD a little more often until absorbancy built up. I figured it was a bit of a waste of time and water to wash them that many times without them being worn.

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    I've just washed all my brand new nappies and threw them all in together - chocolate, orange, pale pink etc.

    What brand are they??

    Like leckert said, you don't need to wash the cover/shell multiple times - just the inserts. I've been tossing my inserts back in the wash with anything else I'm washing that's white/light so they'll get heaps of washes. The covers I just washed the once, and will probably put them through again when bubs gets here just to freshen them up.

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    I washed all those shells together and nothing ran . Then I soaked the inserts for 24 hours in cold water and dried on the line and that's all I've done. I am trying them out on DD1 and they last her overnight with one bamboo booster, so far no worries .

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    I didn't find any of my outers colour ran except the red baby beehinds pul cover.

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    Thanks for your advice girls!

    So I think the general info is that I should wash the orange and red ones together in cold wash and then do the others all on together in a cold wash as well.

    To be honest I never use the cold setting on my washing machine, I just use the general setting which is 40degrees I think :shrug: Is cold better for nappies?

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    I generally cool wash everything only cause I can't be bothered changing the setting most of the time. Our hot water only goes to 50C anyway so I don't have to worry if I do a hot wash about ruining the PUL (needs to have less than 60C)

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    i cold wash my nappies it is nicer for them!
    If you are not using them anytime soon i really wouldnt wash them yet. the elastic will degrade if it is wet and then left in storage. I also skipped the multiple washes and just changed bub more often until the absorbancy built up