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    hi, i wasn't sure where to put this, so if a mod needs to move it feel free.

    there are two things i thought i might mention. the first is to enquire who else (if planning on using disposables) has started stocking up on nappies, before your baby is born? and how many have / are you planning on getting? i personally have one box of newborn, two packets of 48 of infants, and one box of crawler? (if that is the next size up). should i stop at that or buy more of any particular size? :-s

    and secondly for anyone who is interested, woolies are having a sale on huggies atm, which people may find worthwhile checking out.

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    I went to a huggies wearhouse and bought three boxes of 100 newborn. If I don't open a box I can take it back and exchange for the next size up, so I won't waste any. We were then given a box of 108 newborns, and another pack of 20 (my sisters, she'd used half). So we have HEAPS!! However, DD stayed in newborn for ages, so Im thinking I'll prob get through them. If i don't though, i can return. Worth checking out if there's a store near you where you can bulk buy and return if you want.
    At least I shouldn't need to buy nappies for at least 4 months!!! xoxo
    PS I don't think you can ever have too many anyway. A good idea if you have too many, is to give some as presents to expectant mums xoxo

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    Hey there Meg

    Where's the Huggies Warehouse in Sydney??

    I haven't stocked up and what you've done sounds like a great idea.....



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    As you don't know how big your baby is going to be/how fast they are going to grow, I would maybe stop at 2 boxes of Newborn size, and stock up on a few more packets of the infant size...

    Moving this to the nappies/TT forum...

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    It can very much depend on the size of your baby. My DD was in newborns for ages because she was 7lb 5oz when she was born. Yet my DS was only in them for just 2 boxes as he was 9lb 1oz when he was born. We went into infants which are the next size and only come up to bulk packs of 48 not boxes for about 3-4 weeks then he went to crawlers at about 3 months which is the size he's in now @ 4.5 months.

    BTW I'm talking about huggies as they are the only ones I buy.


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    I'm at the other end of the scale - we were given a box of newborn Huggies, but we exchanged them straight up for a couple of packs of infant because Max was 10 pounds when he was born. We used one packet of newborn nappies and immediately went up a size!


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    We used one box and one packet of the newborn then went up to the infant size.We now use the crawler size even though Gem is only 5.4kgs as the crawler's are just a nicer fit on her.

    I'd definitely buy more infant size.

    Isn't it stupid that they don't put the infant size into boxes like the rest!?

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    As soon as they have a bit of fluid in the day, or their weight reaches about 4.5kg, the newborn nappies tended to leak, and I went up to the next size - infant. I find huggies not very absorbant in the top 20% of their weight category, so just keep that in mind!
    Also, dont forget there are boys and girls ones from infant up, so if you dont know what you are having, you might be stocking up the wrong ones!
    I guess newborns use about 12 nappies a day?

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