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Thread: Need a product review...

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    Default Need a product review...

    Anyone used 'Stacinator' fleece and/or PUL covers?

    Any feedback would be great!

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    I personally dont like fleece. I wouldn't want to sleep in it, so I would nevermake my baby sleep in it!! So I'm off fleece covers, just cause I think they are a bit blurgh.

    As for wool covers, well one fabric wool cover (as opposed to a knitten wool cover) is about the same as another. The use the same fabric essentially, so its a matter of finding the right cover for you.

    I love bubba j nappies, and so boutgh a woolen fabric cover, and it was a shocking fit. Jenna has chunky thighs, and they are known for being small in the thigh region. I have been tempted with the stacinator stretchy wool covers int he past, but I can't justify $50 for a cover that I could knit equivalenty for $15.

    So - buy the fleece if you want to, and same with the wool!

    gee - I wasn't much help was I!!

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