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Thread: New baby coming - am I wasting my time potty training?

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    Default New baby coming - am I wasting my time potty training?

    Okay - so I have Number Two coming in just over 3 months. Can't decide whether or not to bother trying to potty train DS, who is nearly 22 months.

    MCHN says don't even try, he will regress.

    Everyone else says I don't want 2 in nappies.

    Mums with new babies and a toddler tell me to potty train, won't have the time with a newborn around.

    I personally don't care about having 2 in nappies because at the moment I only change DS when his nappy is full, say about 4 times a day. He HATES it.

    However...because DS is such a pain about having his nappies changed - with the coaxing, the wrangling, the flipping over onto his tummy, kicking, headbutting, the shrieks when I tell him nappy is going to be changed etc that there are times when it takes all my willpower not to shout at him. When I am all sleep deprived etc I think it will drive me potty (haha pun intended!) ATM it's quite a palaver - once I coax him onto his back he needs a book to look at and then I have to read the book to him as well and there's usually a song or 2 involved in keeping him entertained.

    Because I don't change his nappy lots of times during the day I really don't have any idea how much bladder control he has but he loves coming to the loo with me and watching Daddy do wees and can pull his own trousers off.

    I wonder if I should give potty training a whirl. Do they always regress? Would I really be wasting my time?

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    There's no gaurantee that he will regress and even if he does he'll start using the potty again later.
    If he seems ready why not give it a go.

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    TBH, I have always waited until I see a signal from the kids first. Its winter, its cold - ICKY.

    If you are happy the way things are - leave them. There is a bit of a chance he will regress ( lots of them do) when bubs is born.

    Trust your instincts hun, you dont seem sure yet, and that may be for a reason. When they want nappies off - IMHO they let you know


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    I waited until bubs was born and didn't push toilet training until 34months, within 2 weeks we had no wee accidents and the poos we are still working on, but he seems to wait for a nappy for them unless he is too busy playing.

    If DS is fussing over nappy changes I'd say start as my DS gets fussy now with nappy changes as we still put him in pullups when we are out to save the accidents from happening and we haven't pushed the night time training yet. My DS hasn't regressed because the baby is around.

    If your little guy accepts the training all well and good if not then you have 2 in nappies. I 'd say if he is ready he'll be happy to go with it, if he isn't it won't work.

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