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    Smile newbie here

    hi everyone, i am brand spanking new to this site and i was wondering if anybody can help me? I am wanting to make my own nappies and i was wondering where i can find a reliable and well priced source for some Polyurethane Laminates (PUL)? I have been told that you cannot buy this fabric in Australia, is this correct??? I know you can buy gazillions of ready made nappies, but i would really like to source this material to make my own. I am also looking for patterns, so if anyone can help me out there it would be much appreciated!

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    I am making my own AIO nappies. But I am using thick polarfleece which seems to be keeping the nappy dry. I am using the Honeyboy diaper pattern that I bought from the wee wuns website.

    Sorry i don't know about the PUL. I didn't want to use it because my baby will be a summer baby and I was worried it would make it too sweaty.

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    Hi Dancingangel!

    I've never actually looked for it physically like in Spotlight or anything, but I'm pretty sure you could order it from a nappy store online...hang on...

    Okay, just quickly checking my bookmarked sites, Rollicking Rascals online have it. You could also ask in the cloth nappy sticky up the top here, the others know heaps.
    Or even google it? Something like Nappy PUL?

    Hope that helps a bit anyway..

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    Nappy Works stocks lots of PUL as well (google the name for a link)

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