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Thread: Newbie to modern cloth nappies - help!

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    Default Newbie to modern cloth nappies - help!

    Hi, some of my wonderful bb buddies have been discussing the wonders of modern cloth nappies and I am extremely interested. I have googled it, tried following the latest thread but I am a little lost. I have plenty of time but I am one of these people who like to know well in advance what I am doing, how much etc - lol. Anyway have read up about the different sorts etc, but want to know if starting out from scratch for a newborn, what do I buy? What do you recommend? How do you find, when you are out and have to change the nappy (putting it in your bag vs disposable throwing it in bin - I know which is more environmentally friendly but convenience factor.).
    I usually fold my own cloth nappies when bubs are newborn, but once they start getting bigger I am hopeless and get lazy, whereas I love the idea of the modern ones. I hope what I'm asking makes sense, I really had no idea these were out there (wish I had've two pgcy's ago) and am very excited about hopefully becoming a modern cloth mum!

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    Yay Kris! Well feel free to pop into the cloth nappies thread for any questions/advice too! There's a few preggers girls in there now!

    We had flannels (which I'm terrible at using, so dh used), Prefolds (which I used), and BumGenius (pocket nappies) for going out. We also had Baby BeeHinds (fitteds with a cover), but some people say they don't fit for awhile depending on how big bubs is at birth - River was 4.2kg, so we had no problems there

    The prefolds were easy to use, and I use them as spew catchers in the pram etc, and apparently they can be used to boost absorbency in the nappy when bub gets bigger!
    And the BumG's and BBH's are one-size nappies.

    I'm sure some others will be along to answer questions too.

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    Kris - I've already mentioned this in belly buddies but, apparently, prefolds with PUL covers are the go for newborns. I'll be getting some for this bubby.

    Some of my favourite nappies are the Baby Beehinds... hemp or bamboo. The coloured bamboo nappies are SUPER soft and I love using them overnight on Gabby. They are a one-size so they're great value for money. Davina from Baby Beehinds is fantastic so is Lucy (the Melbourne rep). Lucy actually held a nappy party at my house when I first started using MCN.

    Umm... other favourites? I like my Rollicking Rascals - really quick to dry and super cute. I think they're hard to get now tho They are a one-size too but the cover is built-in.
    I also love the Magic Alls - they are an all in one nappy (AIO) and are really slim just like a disposable. You can get them from Nurture Nappies. I've heard that Rumpsters and really good too... you can get them from the same site.

    The swaddlebee AIOs are good too. You can get them from the Wee Wuns.

    Fuzzibunz pockets are fantastic. They're not one-size but each size fits for quite a while. Not sure where you can get them because I don't think the Wee Wuns are stocking them anymore.

    I've got 2 bumgenius pockets. They work really well and are also nice and trim. They are at the Weewuns or Nurture Nappies.

    There's so many different sorts out there. It's best to try a few different sorts and get to know what suits you. I love my baby beehinds for overnight but I'm not a huge fan of them during the day because they are more bulky than pockets or AIO's. Obviously that wouldn't matter until bubby is walking. When they're still just laying around, the BB's would be fine.

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    I was dithering for ages about if I should get some. I'd had an intro from Shannon who showed me hers on a few occasions. I aslo saw Baby Beehinds at the expo and decided then to get a few (Caleb was 8 weeks I think???) and now there is no stopping me ROFL!
    I've been getting different ones and sussing out the good and bad points of them.
    So far I have Baby Beehinds, Cute Tooshies, Erica, Very Baby and Swaddlebees.
    I haven't totally given up on the disposables but I am using them less and less.

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