thread: Night Nappy for Day Trained Toddler

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    Apr 2007

    Night Nappy for Day Trained Toddler


    My DS (2yrs 3 months) is day toilet trained but I'm looking for a cloth nappy to use overnight.

    He only does one wee overnight and I'd say its in the early morning hours. Some nights he is even dry.

    Any recommendations? The nappy just needs to cope with a big toddler wee.


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    Maybe go for a night time cloth All In One?

    My only logic for that is that maybe it will feel a bit more like underwear with the soft cloth feeling rather than feeling like a sposie so he doesn't feel inclined to take a step backwards?

    Just a guess...I really have no idea :-)

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    I know you said cloth but my son wears a pull up at night and like your toddler, is daytime trained and is often dry or a tiny bit wet in the mornings. He actually hates nappies now.....and The, must be getting BIG now!


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    PPffft stupid me.

    You said cloth already! (I went back and re-read)

    Serves me right for trying to make sense of anything while I have the dreaded flu. Blech. LOL.

    We've got Cushie Tushies Couture nappies to use for our baby. They are an AOI and one sized and look like they go pretty big. They come with 2 inserts. Maybe take a look at the website?

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    Dec 2007

    you can actually get cloth trainers - if you check out the oz baby trends website, I think they have got some cool new blueberry trainers.

    Gigi uses them I think overnight , Bilby is day trained also.

    Noonee Wilga also do trainers and wet pants for overnights - she can slo do customs so made to fit your bubba perfectly

    This will be less bulky than a full night nappy and feel more like underpants.

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    Jul 2006

    I just looked at the Noonee Wilga site and the night nappies look fab. Thanks Limeslice for the recommendation

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    Do you think he wets enough for a dedicated night nappy? Most of the time C is in a magicall or itti over night now. This is mainly because he's too big for the night nappies we already have!