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    Kimberley has been toilet trained during the day for a while now and i know she can go hours without doing anything.

    How long after they are toilet trained during the day did they stop wearing a nappy at night ?

    Sometimes she wakes up dry in the morning and others she still wets.

    Is it worth trying with no nappy on at night and just letting her wet the bed to see if that helps at all ?
    I do have a plastic sheet under her normal sheet.


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    Lindsay took to TT really well, helped by the fact he was nearly 3, so night TT wasn't really an issue. With Erin though, she was alot younger and was in night nappies for another few months after being day trained. But I would make her go to the toilet at bedtime and then put her nappy on. In the morning she would be wet, but i asked her if she did it when she woke up, and she said yes. So she was getting through the night dry and it was just first thing in the morning when she would wet her nappy. So hesitantly I put her to bed with no nappy and she was fine, but I still would check her and sometimes make her get up through the night, especially if she had drunk alot through the day.

    If you have the protector on the bed, maybe you could try for a few nights without the nappy and she how she goes, but don't panic if she does wet the bed.

    Good luck

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