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Thread: No more day nappies for DD.. Woohoo

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    Default No more day nappies for DD.. Woohoo

    And it just happened out of the blue ..

    She would often sit on the toilet, but not do anything.. She would occasionly do a wee at daycare, but often wait till nap time till she got a nappy (or ask for a nappy).. When the inlaws were she told MIL 'I will do that soon' while MIL was on the loo, and she did..

    One day the week before last, she just refused to get a nappy on, so I just didn't put one on her. She had a few days at daycare while I was working my last week of work which was good cause all the other kids were going to the toilet, so she followed the lead.. Then last weekend, she did all wees in the toilet and asked for a nappy for poos, then on Tuesday night, she did a poo as well.. I am so proud of her.. We have only had one accident in a week, and have been out a few times as well in 'undies'..

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    Wooohooo!!!! Well done to your DD!!

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