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Thread: only doing "dribbles" in potty

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    Default only doing "dribbles" in potty

    started training my 2.5 yr old boy yesterday, he had 6 accidents and 2 successes yesterday and today has had 2 accidents and 14 successes...but here is what i mean by success:

    he says, mum i do wee in potty, goes over to potty, sits down and does a tiny, weeny, miniscule dribble of wee. he then says "ta da!", stands up and asks for his smartie. this was all very cool to start with, i didnt care, but in the last 10 minutes he has done this like 6 times - all the dribbles are probably starting to add up to a decent wee, but he wont finish the job all at once - he is too excited to get his smartie and see the wee in the pottie and i try to tell him to sit down and do a bit more - he wont. then once he has washed his hands, got his smartie, he comes back again and says, I do wee again, and does the same tiny little wee again and etc etc...

    anyone had this happen? I cant make him sit there without a fight, and the other thing i find is if i read him a book on the pottie, he will sit there but not wee..

    its hard to explain to a 2yo that you need him to do a "decent" amout of wee!!

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    Not sure how to go about that...just keep up the praise when he does do something on the potty and hopefully it will move onto something a bit more.
    I've had a similar thing with Angus pooing several small nuggets over the day and wanting a star every time.

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    Paige did that when she started using the potty too, but I never gave her a reward, only praise, so it wasn't so she could get the lolly, it was all she could do at the time. Maybe you could try to sit there with him and count to 10 or 20 or something to try to encourage him to finish properly?

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    thanks sherie and sammi
    we gave up! he did this one day and then for the next two days, didnt have any successes at all, nothing, just accidents all day every day.
    so im going to give it a month and then try again...just too stressful right now - am 8 weeks pgnt and feeling DISGUSTING all day long, so dont have the energy...
    thanks for your ideas tho

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