thread: Only wants to wear nappies!

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    Only wants to wear nappies!

    Hi all,

    My 2 and a half year old girl, was very excited about becoming a big girl and going on the potty, so I went to Kmart and bought some undies and thought great, I'll put her in these for a while and see how she goes.

    She was fine for the first half hour, even did a wee on the potty! but now she refuses to wear undies and is no longer telling me that she needs to go.

    What do you think I should do? Should I persist or let her decide? She's going into daycare in January and I would like her trained by then.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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    It doesn't sound like she is ready just yet then... was she in disposables before? The problem with nappies today is that they are so high tech and absorbent that toddlers are more comfortable wearing them and they are taking longer to toilet train. But don't fret - summer is a great time to toilet train.

    Does she like being nude? Because you can always let her run around the garden without nappies or pants if she prefers so she gets used to knowing that she is going to wee, and what it feels like to be wet. Summer is coming - take advantage!!!

    Also as a side note, don't push her to wear undies if she doesn't want to, or she might become more defiant not to wear them. Encourage where possible and trust her that when she is ready she will be fine. Does she like the toilet? Marisa has gone off the potty in favour of the toilet. At first we tried a few different 'big toilet' seats, but her favourite is just the seat now. She still wears nappies when we are out and at night, but is great during the day when nude - only having little hiccups when she doesn't feel comforatble (e.g. people over etc).
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    Hi Susan

    My almost 3 year old Kameron started taking of his dirty nappies (poo) and giving them to me at the start of winter. It is now a good few months later and he has his bad days, really bad days and good days. Yesterday in fact he asked me for a nappy but I said no. I have found that it has taken a long time to train him as he wasn't talking well either so it was hard to communicate. We also have a dog and he has been thinking that cause the dog does her business outside so can he :-s which hasn't helped matter much.

    We have only ventured out without a nappy once down to the park but I have to try and get myself into the habit of letting him go out with no nappy. When he is understanding a bit better then he should be trained no worries.

    Love :hbeat:

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    lulusmum25 Guest

    Hi all,

    Thank you all for your kind advice. I put her straight onto a toilet seat that I call a potty and she loves sitting on it with a book. She insists on wearing a nappy straight afterwards. I think I will wait until summer. She is talking really well and my friends all seem to think that she is ready, but I guess Olivia will let me know when she is!

    Many thanks