thread: out & about and childcare when toilet training

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    Mar 2004

    out & about and childcare when toilet training

    Yasin is doing well with learning to use the potty but so far we havn't gone out with no nappy and I'm not sure when to start.
    Should I wait until he's pretty much accident free at home or just bite the bullet and start going out sans nappy now.
    Also he goes back to CC tomorrow. I don't want to confuse him by putting him in a nappy for the whole day so should I just pack a few changes of clothes and tell them he needs to use the loo and just hope for the best.
    He usually refuses the loo at home and uses the potty but at shopping centers he likes the small loos which is what they have at CC.

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    i cant speak from experience, as we havent yet bought a potty (looking into it as we speak!) maybe being out an about without a nappy may give him a feeling of independence? and he may llike to use the toilet like a grown up! then again it might intimidate him..

    sorry chloe im no help!! best of luck!

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    May 2005
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    I would just say bite the bullet... if there are other TTd kids at his CC he may imitate them & ust the toilet .... plus they always do things for others & not their parents LOL


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    Nov 2007

    My CC encouraged me to send my DD without nappies when I started to TT her at home.
    It really helped her to take off with it as she would watch the other kids and want to get involved.

    As for going out I just always carried a couple changes of clothes, even if you keep them in the boot of the car as I used to. These days there are usually public toilets around, or grass somewhere they can go.

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    Feb 2005
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    For going out and about just do it... Take a few extra sets of clothes just in case. and get him to use the toilet before you go and then when you get to the shops and then again before you go home and then again when you go home.. Hopefully you won't have any accidents.. I have only had one accident out of 3 kids when out by doing this, I should say DH did he didn't listen when our son said he needed to go..

    As for CC if he wears a nappy for sleep then take that bu other then that there should be no problem with them continuing on what you are doing at home...

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    Jul 2006

    Chloe, I'm not sure how "typical" Jack is, but he is actually much better away from home. We have had outings with him in undies quite a few times, even before he was seriously TTing. Often he would get really upset about going out in a nappy and would insist on undies, so I decided to bite the bullet. We have not had one accident when out (knock on wood). He is espcially good at day care, as most of the other kids there use the toilet, so he loves to do it too. In fact he's never had an accident there either. His carer told me yesterday that they all sit there and compare undies LOL! So I guess it depends on how brave you are (I know I am always a nervous wreck), but it's something that you need to face sooner or later so maybe it's worth a try? GL!!

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    May 2004

    We just bit the bullet too - we put a big thick towel under her butt to protect her carseat and hoped and prayed for the best LOL.
    She actually hasn't had any accidents out yet - the first time she had to use the loo outside of home she freaked out a bit but once I coaxed her on there she's been fine about it since.
    Childcare was fine, she's in FDC and her FDC carer was as keen as me for her to be trained so she was happy for her to go in undies, I just send a couple of pairs and a change of clothes.
    If he's really not ready for the "leap" and has a few accidents you go back to nappies for outings...we did this a few times and it didn't seem to affect her progress (which was slow no matter what we did!)