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    Hmmmm girls HELP!!!!

    With my first baby I had no problem potty training him,But with my 2 year old now who is 3 This month,She is a nightmare to potty train.I tried the pull up nappies and she just didnt want to know.So I thought ok I will put her straight in Knickers and if she wets them,she will feel how uncomfortable it is and realise its wrong to wee in them,and with doing that I also asked her every 15 minutes if she wanted to go wee wee and poo in the potty and she sat on it,but did nothing.Next thing I know,She vanished and she was in the corner out the way doing a number 2 in her knickers.

    So I then decided to take knickers off and let her run around in the nuddy,but then she wet the floor.Later that day when my hubby came home,I popped out and when I came back,I came back to a grim face and my husband saying she has wet the floor 3 times in 3 different places while you have been out.With that she wet again. I then shouted gezzz how much are you drinking. With that I put a nappy back on her as I had enough in one day. So I am back to square one of nappies.But I do still ask her if she needs the potty,but im still waiting for her to use it.Grrrrr shes late learning and its depressing me.

    Anyone have any ideas or good advice on the best way to potty train a toddler?

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    Dear Skorpy ~ I posted this tip to another lady recently. My DD toilet trained very quickly with my sister's idea.

    (1) Go to Kmart or Target and buy a potty seat that sits under your adult toilet seat. They are designed for littlies, and they sit under the normal toilet seat and they are pretty much protected from any bodily waste. No mess to clean up!

    (2) Then buy some very bright, sparkly stickers. The kind that are more plastic than paper. IYKWIM.

    It's like a reward chart. Everytime your DD does a wee or poo on the *big toilet*, you let her pick a sticker and put it on to the potty seat. That way you don't have alot of potty mess to clean up, the seat stays protected from bodily waste, and your DD can see how great she's doing with all the stickers. You will find that she will be want to do wee's or poo's on the big toilet just so she can put another sticker on the seat !!

    I used to just wipe the seat over with some disinfectant each time I think it needed a clean. No fuss.....and they by-pass the potty altogther!!

    Hope this idea DD loved it....she'd NEVER used the potty on the ground so I had to find another way of Toilet Training!!


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    Thanks for that Beccy

    I have already got a childs toilet seat that fits ontop of the main toilet seat,it has handles too. and a plastic spongy seat.But I found it a pain because she kept asking to go for the sake of it and I was forever running up and down the stairs for her fake toilet.And I found it difficult because of leaving Kai alone too while I took her up to the toilet.

    But luckily she sits on the potty downstairs,even though she doesnt do anything in it.But I will still try your idea of the stickers and she can stick them on the heres hoping

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    I know my child's a different sex, but DH took him to the toilet when he went, so he could see how it was done... Maybe take your DD with you? Say "big girl's wee's " (we used to tell DS to do big boy's wee's like daddy, he idolises his dad) we also used the sticker system, but every 5 stickers they got a treat (we used to keep a 20 pack of freddo's handy, every 5 stickers he would get one.)

    Hope this helps, im going to start getting my 20 month old ready for toilet traingin this summer (dont expect it to happen until next year though!!)

    Good luck!!

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    We used the sitcdker system too, but I put up some coloured paper with blue tack on the wall next to the toilet then after each wee Miss M got a sticker which she then stuck on the paper. I would put her on the toilet everynight when she was due to do a poo (she is like clockwork) as I had a little trouble keeping her on the toilet (before she was ready to be TT) so I had a treasure bag which had puppets, books etc which I could then keep her entertained so she sat there longer. I also had a book 'Ruby's got a potty' which I read to her over and over (she loved it) which helped explain what a potty was for. I did this leading up to her one day coming to me with nappy off and saying poo's mum. Then I knew she was ready to be TT.I put her in the old terry toweling nickers which I got from the supermarket and she only had a few accidents and was TT in about 3 days. We then went to nickers (wiggels and Fifi) and she has not worn a nappy (except for sleeping) for 8 weeks and only had a few accidents as she is more intrested in playing then going to the toilet. They are all different but it will happen when they are ready. I also used chocolate as a reward when she did a poo on the toilet - just a small one the size of my thumb - she still jumps off the toilet now and asks for a sticker and chocolate - she is her mothers daughter!

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