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    Potty training


    I have been trying to potty train Kimberley for a few weeks now every morning i leave her with no nappy on to see if she will use the potty. But everytime i ask her if she wants to sit on the potty or use the big toilet she says no and not long later goes in her knickers and cries until she is changed into dry clothes.

    Should i keep doing it this way on the chance she will want to use the potty ?

    The other weke i managed to gether to poo on the toilet but that was only by luck and she cried the while time. I showed her what she done and got her to wave the poo goodbye when we flushed the toilet and she seemed fine with that. But she still will no sit on it.

    Any advice will be great

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    This Thread might have some information that might be able to help you Michelle. Goodluck.


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    I've had a hard time with Mason and all I can say is that maybe it's best put it off until she happy to sit. If she is crying it's not a positive experiance and you may make it worse.
    We've had a toilet sitting routine now for a few months at night. Bath, jammies, toilet with a story and bed. Some nights he has pooed and we fuss and give him a malteser. It's only been in the last week that he has weed in the toilet during the day. He was dry all day on Saturday but today he didn't want to go near it till late afternoon so he wet himself a couple of times. Guess I have to be patient still and not get too excited.

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    Andrei is almost 17mths and almost out of nappies. He is dry all night, then we put him on the toilet as soon as he wakes, then leave him without a nappy and ask him every hour if he wants to do a wee. We also put him on the toilet after every nap.
    Offering some cold juice or water when bubs is on the toilet can help. I joke with him that the juice goes in one way and straight out the other.
    Kids also love toilet paper and flushing the toilet, try to make it fun. I never put him on the toilet if he is crying, upset or doesn't want to.

    Good luck


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    I agree with what the others said.

    What also worked with the kids I have nannied for is giving them a stamp or sticker as a reward. This always worked well

    Good Luck with it all. And just remember not to force the issue. It will happen when she is ready

    Actually that reminds me. The little girl DH and I have babysat since she was 1 (she is now 6), well her mother never forced the issue of toilet training. She had just turned three and was still in nappies and one day said:" Mummy I don't want to wear nappies anymore!" From that day on she didn't wear nappies day or night, and just like that was toilet trained =D>

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    Thanks for the advice everyone i am going to take every day as it comes and if we wets her clothes then that is okay with me. Just means extra washing but it does save a couple of nappies.