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    Can anyone recommend a potty/tt book?
    Yasin won't have anything to do with big boy underpants - he just gets angry when I offer them and screams "my nappy, my nappy".
    He used to sit on the lo but now he won't. DH thought he had a break through a couple of days ago when Yasin said he wanted to 'go loo' but he sat there for about a minute and then said 'ok Dora now'. So obviously it was all baout being allowed to watch his DVD not TT.

    I'm hoping a book might help him get it.

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    Potty Time with Elmo (& his doll called baby David i.e. Elmo teaches baby David to go to the toilet). As well as a book, it has buttons to push that make noises for - toilet paper, washing your hands, flushing the toilet and 'hooray' if they've done their 'job'. This button I made a 'special' button that my DD could only touch if she did a 'job' on the loo....hehehe. The book also talks about Elmo getting to wear 'big-kid underpants'.

    Books have definitely made a difference for me. The Elmo book only lived in the toilet and was only ever read in the toilet, so if she wanted to read it, she had to sit on the toilet.

    Good luck. Oh, and I got the book from K-mart - it's a hardback.

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    I've started with Steph, and I think the best book I have come across (so far) is Early Start Potty Training by Linda Sonna.
    Steph is almost ten months, and sometimes will have a totally dry nappy in the morning. Sit her on the potty, and if she needs to go, she'll go. My Mum got her up the other morning so I could stay in bed, and didn't say anything to Steph as she sat her down on the potty, and she did all her business. We have a lots of 'hits', but we also have a lot of 'misses' (but I don't have her getting around in the nude, I'm not that enthusiastic about mopping up puddles all day). I really wish I had started so much earlier. Good luck.

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    i have that book too netix ....

    good to hear your going well with steph , i have only just started with nixon , so hopefully soon it will happen ...

    the book has different sections for different ages so its really handy , have a read chole its a really good book , i think its about $26.95
    i hope i can put that link in ..

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    We have one called "I want my Potty" about the Little Princess who thought that Nappies were YUCK! She didn't like the potty at first, but then it was fun. Ned loves finding the potty in the weird places in the book!

    Best wishes.

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    Divvy, I just ordered that book from the huggies book club. I'm glad to hear it's ok.
    Yasin will probably be TT before it arrives.
    I decided to just bite the bullet and a few days ago I put him in undies when he got up despite all his protests and by the afternoon he was peeing in the potty and now he's making it to the potty in time 90% of the time.
    It wasn't how I wanted to TT because I wanted to be a bit gentler about it and let him lead but I had reached a point where I felt that if he led he would still be in nappies when he was 5.
    Problem is that he he hasn't pooed for 2 days now...

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    i think there comes a time where every mum has to give in to "what is suposedly right" and be a little more firm with their kiddes ... if a child was left to potty train them selves it probably would take aggges ....

    i think the princess potty book sounds like a good idea ....nixon is generally nappy free most days and like you its 90% of the time we get there , he would have undies on but they dont come in size 1 .... i have a potty that has a tray on it and he gets snack when he sits on it .... he usually does a wee ...

    but good luck with the tt journey !!

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