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    May 2004

    Pull ups

    Has anyone used pull ups on there toddler ?

    Where they worth the money ?

    I am trying to potty train Kimberley.
    Put a nappy back on her as i thought she was going to have a nap but she got back up so i took her nappy off her and she started to cry.

    I did get her to her to the potty in time to do a poo \/

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    I didnt bother with them as imho they are too much like a nappy. You can always buy training paints which are just a bit thicker than knickers. They would be more worth the money than pull ups.


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    Nikki Guest

    I buy Pull-Ups for Jayden, but I don't think they are doing anything for his toilet training. As Kathryn said they are just like nappies, only thinner.

    He is more interested in Buzz Lightyear that is on the front then actually using them like underpants.

    IMO I don't think they are worth the money. $15.95 for 17(but hey, I still buy them). I think they would only be beneficial if used when a toddler is very close to being toilet trained & used for the occasional outing.

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    mooshie Guest


    i only used the pullups for my ds at night time - a bit of a novelty for him too i suppose.

    when in the early days of training (and he was late just over 3 ](*,) ) he used to wear jocks all the time but if we were going out and i knew we would be quite a while i would stick him in a pullup - i do agree they are to much like a nappy but i think once in a while is ok

    see ya

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    Jun 2003

    I used pull ups all the time and found them to be great! Neither of my kids thought of them as nappies and always tried to get to the toilet before they wet them. I never used them at night time ... that certainly makes it too much like a nappy and not special pants that big kids wear!!!


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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - aldi supermarket have training pants with pictures on them for about half the price of pull ups.

    I felt they were too much like nappies and Caitlin only liked them cos they had the princesses on them !

    We used those terry toweling training pants for a while and then just undies, lots of pairs of undies !


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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    I was going to buy pull ups for Noah to wear to pre school as we are tting at home. I find if frustrating to have him in undies all week and then send him to school in a nappy for 2 day, it feels like I have just undone the whole weeks work. Pre school told me not to bother with pull ups as they are too much like nappies and that undies and lots of them as well as shorts are better. I find at home if I just have Noah in undies or barebum that we have more luck with the toilet, if he has shorts on he forgets that he has no nappy on.

    Take care