thread: Question re Nappies

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    Question re Nappies

    Hi All
    Thought this might be the best place to ask a question re nappies
    I can't make up my mind what I'll use, and am currently thinking cloth for day and disposables at night/when going out.
    Has anyone tried cloth and given up?? Is it more the convenience of disposables ie not having to wash etc, or did you find bubs getting nappy rash etc.
    Any pros/cons would be appreciated

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    ewwww... I'm not much help, we were trying disposables in the first month and then we were going to switch to cloth during the day...but we haven't even tried the cloth yet...

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    Jun 2003

    Asha is having her first day of cloth nappies!!! With my older kids I used cloth nappies while we were at home and disposables for going out and at night ... it worked for us.

    Asha has been in disposable nappies since she came home because she was doing poos in every nappy ... she has since stopped that and has grown a lot so now we are trying the cloth nappies at home and disposables for when we go out and at night!


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    katanya Guest

    Well I bought heaps of fitted cloth nappies, and was given heaps of cloth nappies, I found heaps of second hand pilchers from second hand shops etc..

    I planned to do as Kelly said above, do disposables for the first month then swap to cloth at home. I trialled cloth at home at 1 month old. In the time I would use 1 disposable, I used 3 cloth fitted nappies and 3 pilchers(cloth outer and water proof) all leaked and then I had to nappy san them and then wash them etc..I just thought the experience was worse with the water usage than the saving of disposables..

    The set up and maintainence of cloth nappies can be close to the cost of disposables (obviously with the cloth nappies it is the outlay)

    I already do 2 loads of washing a day and at the moment cannot be bothered doing MORE!

    Nappy rash, I think if you change them often enough, shouldn't be a problem, however you go through twice as many and in the early days this is A LOT!

    However all this said I am hoping when the weeing gets less and it gets warmer I will use the cloth at home, or at least I'm going to try again!

    Put it this way after you use the disposables, cloth just seems like So much bother and less practical, but I love the THEORY of them! My partner is much keener than I am.

    Also like Kelly I was going to use disposables when out and at night (the storage of them would be a bit of a problem!)

    I know loads of people who use cloth and are fine with it, and of course loads more that wouldn't go near them...

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    I can't say I've even tried using cloth ones yet, and I dont think I really want to... Maybe I'm just being lazy, but I feel it would be just too much of an extra hassle, as taking care of bub day to day is very time consuming as it is... and now that Aidyn is sleeping through the night, the last thing I want is to have to change his clothes and the sheets etc every night because of leakage.
    The people I do know that use cloth nappies, also use disposables when they go out somewhere...
    sorry I cant be of more help!

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    I used cloth from the moment Kameron entered this house for the first time right up until he was 18mths old. If I went out to Mums or somewhere like that he woudl still go in cloth as she had cloth nappies at her place too, but if we went shopping he would go into a disposable.

    I have to admit I have been a bit slacker with Lachlan. But he still is in cloth majority of the time, but he sleeps in disposables. Been in disposables all week cause I am so sick. Even when I throw out a disposable I still fill guiltly about landfill. It is the only product that I feel guilty about though.

    Love :smt049

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    Just another question on the cloth nappies (if anyone reads this again!!)
    Did you find the towelling or the flannelette ones better?
    Friends etc said they can't see me using them for more than a few days - ha ha. BUT just makes me more determined to at least give it a go! My main issue with disposables is also landfill.
    I know it's a hassle washing nappies etc but I figure if I can at least start my day with a routine of doing that, then I might have half a hope of getting into some sort of regular routine for the rest of the day!
    Here's hoping
    Can tell I don't have any kids yet!!!

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    HI Shaz

    I used towelling I had both but didn't like the flanette.

    Love :smt049

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    Going against the trend here - we have always used disposables for Marisa from day 1. We started with Huggies due to everyone telling us they were the best and I found them great. During the two years we've tried other, cheaper brands, but every other brand leaked or gave her a nappy rash. I have heard from other mums too that only certain brands were suitable on their babies, some even finding only the cheaper brands would not cause a rash etc. So all trial and error if you go down the disposable path. We're back on Huggies and after lots of leaking and rash dramas, we wont buy anything else for her.

    I always wanted to try out cloth, but she was an unsettled baby and at those evil hours and out and about, disposable was much easier to bear!

    Good luck with your choice, it may take a little time and practice to find what works best for you.
    Kelly xx

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    i used disposable with joshua too, id like to try cloth with our next though..

    i too found huggies to be great, specially at night time, i tried using snugglers but they just wouldnt hold the amont of urine josh was putting in them lol and he always woke up wet and uncomfortable during the night.. so i switched to snugglers during the day and huggies at night so i wasnt going through so many..

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    katanya Guest

    Hi just wanted to post a website that my friend who lives OS bought her nappies at totsbots

    They are fitted cloth nappies and really beautiful, I think they are quite pricey but perhaps worth the intial outlay?

    Worth looking at if you are considering, cloth nappies aren't that much cheaper but definitely less impact on the environment..

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    Thanks again everyone

    Thanks Kathryn for the advice on the towelling re flannellette - I had bought some towelling ones but wasn't sure if I should try the flannellette also-a friend had said she found towelling really good which is why I bought them, but then someone at the hospital said most people use flannellette these days as they aren't as bulky and dry quicker. They look too thin to me - but then my kids all have 4 legs so what would I know?? :-)
    Thanks for info on disposables too - I was going to use them at night and when out, so good to hear opinions on different brands - I had planned on trying the Huggies first.

    I'm not due till Christmas so give it till about the first or 2nd week in January before you start looking for a post from me titled.... "Who's silly idea was it to wash 15 nappies a day" ha ha - only kidding. I can only try! And I can always use them to dry the dog I guess!!

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    Hi Shaz

    I used to only use about 8 in 24 hr period. I was one of those silly buggers that put Kam to bed in cloth off a night to begin with lmao, but we were very tight on cash so I had no choice. I had about 32 cloth nappies all up and I would have 1 days worth soaking then when I had another days worth, if the soaked ones were clean i would run them thru the machine and then soak the current dirty ones in fresh napisan soloutions.

    Pooed nappies would take 2 or 3 soaks to get clean. But I did cloth right thru Kamerons gastro when he got that for a month @ 10wks of age. Also nappy liners if you brought the better brands could be soaked washed and re used as well

    Love :smt049