thread: Is she ready now?

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    Dec 2007
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    Is she ready now?

    DD has just hit the 20-month mark, and I'm pretty sure she's ready to be properly TT'd.
    We tried it a few months ago, as she was showing all the 'signs', but it just didn't work out - no fuss, no problems, I just didn't bother anymore and figured we'd give it another go after #2 arrived.

    The past few days, DD has been a lot drier than usual (I'm only changing her maybe three or so times a day for pee, rather than up to seven), and she is OBSESSED with taking her pants off and running around bare-bummed. No accidents so far (usually because I get to her and put her nappy back on before she has a chance to make a mess), but she seems really keen to ditch nappies and wear 'knickies' like a big girl (she keeps grabbing them out of the drawer and bringing them to me, or pulling my pants down and looking at my 'knickies' and jabbering on about them).
    I've tried the communication thing, as in telling her to let me know when she's going to poo/pee and needs to use the potty, but she doesn't - just rips her nappy off after doing a poo and leaves it up to me to figure out, kwim?? (Which I usually do when the dog brings me over a dirty nappy, her snout covered in it, YUCK.)

    Tonight she stripped off and put her dirty nappy in the bin, then ran around for a while without telling me she'd done a poo - I had to put her in the shower with DH because she had it all over her legs lol...

    Anyway, my dad says this means she's ready for toilet-training. My mum can't offer any advice because she reckons I was TT'd at daycare as a toddler, so she doesn't know how to do it.
    I'm just wondering if this *does* mean DD is truly ready to TT, and if so, how do I start going about it? She's very familiar with her potty and loves sitting on it (she's never done anything in it, but she knows it's for peeing/pooing), so that's not a problem... I just want as little mess as possible and don't know how to go about figuring out her triggers etc!!

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    I was always told that toilet training is best to do in the summer and to do it when their ready she def sounds like shes ready to start goodluck hun it actually wasnt as hard as i thought it would be.

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    It doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can start getting her to use the potty while she is still using nappies. Do you show her when you put the poo from her nappy in the toilet? This can help build the connection that people wee and poo in the toilet.

    if you know when she is likely to wee or poo sit her on the potty and read stories, sing songs... If something happens, go nuts! praise praise praise