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    Hi Everyone..
    Please if anyone has any suggestions....will be appreciated.
    I am trying to find a disposable nappy to fit the chubbier tods, my daughter is 17 months on the 20th and weighs 15kg..problem is thick thighs and wide hips.
    I currently swear by and use Aldi mamia nappies in the 12-25kg size but find they are getting too small around waist and marking her hips.....I know huggies have a large size too but they have always leaked..... any ideas????????????????????

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    I wish I had a suggestion for you. I use the Aldi nappies too, apart from the fact they're great, they fit well on my chubby bubby boy who's 11 months (nearly 12 months old!) and 11kg, with chunky thighs. They seem to work ok for me, but you've got a few kg on us.

    I hope someone else has some ideas.

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    I think that there is a junior range of nappies out, but not 100% sure who makes them. I know my gf had to use them on her son as he was and still is a chubba.

    We have the opposite problem with Tehya. WHile I don't mind the Aldi nappies, they come up so high and the tabs nearly cross over on her. She is 15 months and only 9.3kgs. Huggies fit her great but I only buy them now when I can get the box for $30 on sale.

    What about going cloth?? Just a thought. ummm ok just to mind I think there is a brand that the chemist sells that have junior sizes in, from memory they aren't too expensive either. Maybe have a look there

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