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    Melinda Guest

    Default Soaking through!

    Just recently Jacob has started to totally soak through his nappies overnight. When he wakes in the morning, his PJ's are wet or at least damp, and sometimes his sleeping bag!

    We tried putting him into the next size up of nappies, as when this has happened in the past, despite him not being within the weight range they give, going up a size has solved the problem. The next size up fits just fine, but we're still having the same problem. He wears Huggies overnight and Snugglers during the day.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Maybe you could try putting a pad in his nappy. There are some made for nappies by a company called bebes that are in the nappy section at some supermarkets or if you can't find them you could just use women's pads.

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    Pietta Guest


    Hey thats advice is much better than what i was going to say Dach!!

    I have this prob too- unfortunately for us the only thing we can do is change him during the morning...

    Sorry to not be of more help

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    Obsidian Guest


    My daughter does some HEAVY wees at night! She turned 2 in Oct, and we switched to cloth just before then (now she's dry all night), but before we did the switch we used the pads in the huggies thing to try and keep her dry all night....and sometimes I got a facewasher (or 2) and folded those up in the nappy to add more absorbency (since it was just wee and I didn't mind washing them). We also always had a towel under her to catch any leaks so at least the matress stayed dry.

    I believe in the "let sleeping babes lie" and she went to bed at 7pm and we went to bed at midnight, but I was not going to wake her to change her nappy! So she'd sleep through til 8am. The pads and huggies did work about 90% of the time for us though... and when it failed it was just a little dampness.

    I also didn't think about it at the time (Someone suggested this to me when we were finding the right cloth nappies for night), but she was always wearing cotton flannel Pjs, which holds damp, so while its obviously better to solve the problem, if you can change to no sleeping clothes, or something synthetic that won't feel damp (won't hold moisture) that might feel better if leaks do happen.

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