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Thread: Son toilet trained...mostly

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    Question Son toilet trained...mostly

    Hi everyone,
    Im having a problem with my 3yr old boy. We started toilet training him 4 months ago, and he is doing a fantastic job when it comes to 'wee'. I dont even have to ask him if he needs to go he just takes off his undies and off he goes to the toilet. However, he does not poo in the toilet, he will poo only in his undies (which is lovely to clean every day lol)
    We try praising him, rewarding him when occasionally he manages to do a little bit (which he gets excited over too) but nothing seems to work... any suggestions ?

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    im sorry not sure if this helps but when my DS told me he needed to do a poo (in the potty first time) after two long days with a bare bum ... i just ignored him i mean it didnt say a thing and looked away i think he may have been embarrassed about me watching him / talikng him / trying to read to him while he was on the potty before
    anyway he jumped up when he was finnished and asked me to come and look he was so proud i guess we all do it in our own time but best of luck with it

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    Hey I had the same problem with my son, he also started weeing his undies again, I ended up letting him run around in no undies and he just started going to the potty fo poo's and pees. I think it was because he knew he had soemthing there to catch it when he was wearing undies iykwim he is the same as faeriegirls boy, once he did poos in the potty he came and got me to show me whathe had done (very happily) now he goes all the time even when wearing undies. Don't know if that will help. Hope it all works out for you soon I know how gross it is cleaning yucky undies everyday.

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