thread: Stubborn almost 3yo - advice please!

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    Mar 2009

    Stubborn almost 3yo - advice please!


    My DD1 has decided that she doesn't want to use the loo for us at home - very happy to use it when out in public (cafes, shops etc) Nanny and at childcare but not for us. She has gone to the loo for 2 weeks beautifully and is even getting up in the night to go but it has turned into a battle the last two days. She has new Dora undies to 'keep dry' and she seemed to respond to that well - until now!!! I also have a 4mo and the introduction of her new sister has been quite difficult as she has understandably felt quite displaced. We have just started to get back on track with sleeping (her not the baby) and I am tempted to just give it up for now. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    I have a DD the same age although no baby to complicate

    What do you do when she won't go to the loo? Do you spend time trying to persuade her, or cleaning her up? It might be best to ignore it as much as possible. So if she wets you take her wet things off and say nothing and go back to what you were doing and make her wait a little while and then when there is a need to (i.e. to go out or something) you put clean things on. Make sure you have non-Dora pants for her to wear if she wets the Dora ones. Try really hard not to make an issue of it, so there's no reward of prolonged contact/discussion about it. Conversely if she uses the toilet spend 5-10mins with her, telling her how great she is and playing a wee game maybe, so she gets the message that she doesn't need to wet her pants to get your attention. It must be so hard with a small baby to contend with too. If it were me i'd probably give it a week trying to ignore it and focussing on her only when she DOES use the loo and if the battle continued i'd put nappies back on - you can take the horse to toilet but you cannot make him pee!


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    Smile Thanks!!!

    Thanks hoobley for your kind and wise words!

    I was stressing the poor chook out! She knew when she needed to go and was getting annoyed at me for harrassing her every 10minutes - I had gotten caught up in the nagging from family etc and instead of trusting her and myself was making things worse....
    So a week or so down the track we are nappy free during the day and haven't had an accident yet (although I'm sure it will happen)!

    Thanks again - good luck with your DD also!