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Thread: Tips please for 3 yr old girl Final stages of TT

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    Default Tips please for 3 yr old girl Final stages of TT

    Hi Gals (and guys)....

    Our DD who is 3 is completely day time trained, using the toilet for #1's and #2's... Very proud of her! So now i wanna work on night time.... but i am really not sure where to start.

    She still has a her night time milk in a bottle, which i am eager to get rid of, although, in saying that we think she is weaning herself anyways as she ask's for it, but doesnt drink it always, only sometimes... It is purely a comfort thing and habit id say.

    And before anyone says anything, i know she is a bit old for a bottle but, we have our reasons why we have continued with it. We had a very traumatic year last year, with her daddy being crushed in a machine at work and nearly loosing his life... then after only a few short months after that she had a new baby brother to throw into the mix, so as you can imagine for a little girl of barely 2 and then 2, she needed something and we were advised to let her.

    Anyhow, so i just want some tips on how to take the next step with the TT... i know the night time bottles are going to need to be done with before she can be bed time TT, right? do i still let her have a warm milk before bed but maybe in a cup, then get her to go to toilet or?

    ahhh so yes, i basically just want some tips.

    thanks in advance

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    Hi! I would have done the exact same thing as you re the bottles at night. My DD's were 2 when they were TT and still having a night bottle and I found it easier to make it into a night ritual of having a drink of milk in a cup, a story or a cuddle and then toilet/wash hands and brush teeth and then bed. For a while I would still get them up just before i went to bed to go to the toilet again and that usually saw them through the night. You do have the added bonus of her age though that she is able to understand better what you are doing and able to see it as the next stage of becomming a 'big girl' with no nappies on.

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    Not that I am an expert on this as we are still TT for daytime let alone night time.
    Have you ever let her wet the bed? How does she react to that? Maybe if you try to get her to go to the toilet before bed or after her bottle and if she has an accident suggest that she goes with out the bottle the next night to avoid having the yukky wet bed.
    Are you giving her cow's milk? We weaned the bottle by diluting the formula eventually DS didn't want it.

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    My DD2 is just 3 & still has a pop top to go to sleep.
    She's only just out of day nappies for the second time, so I'll give night ones a bit more time yet.
    With the bottle/pop top, I'm trying to get Bri off it & sometimes I just put her to bed & tell her I'll get it & just forget. She usually will fall asleep with out it. Sometimes she needs it though.
    When i do get it I only put a bit in the bottom. A couple of mouthfuls.

    With DD1 I put a nappy on her for bed, but she took it off to go to the loo just before bed & I didn't know. She was 3 & 4 months. When I got up the next morning she was dry, so I made a big deal out of it & that was the last night nappy. 3 years later & she still occasionally wets, but its only every few months now. At the start it was every few days.
    The first time I attempted it I put a garbage bag, then towel under her fitted sheet as a mattress protector. Til I got a proper one.

    As I said, DD2 needs more time. I'll wait til it warms up a bit. No one wants to go to the toilet in the cold!

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    I'm just going through this with DD. She's nearly 3, but has decided she does NOT want to wear nappies.

    I invested in some mattress protectors, you know the ones that go on top of the sheet, so if there is an accident you just pull it off and put another on, don't have to change the whole bed.

    For the first week, she wet the bed 2 -3 times a night. Now it's only once, usually around 5 -6 am. I cut down the milk she had at night, but she wasn't really wanting it anyway. I haven't restricted her fluids in any way because I want her to learn to wake up when her bladder is full, not just make it through the night because she didn't need to go, IYKWIM.
    So far it has been slow going, but we are getting there.

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    My DD is 3 1/2 and to be honest I haven't done anything re night time training. She is completely day trained, but wears a "night nappy" when she goes to bed at night. I found with my DS, who is now 5 1/2, not putting a nappy on him at night and trying to wake him up to go to the toilet before I went to bed just didn't work - he would wet the bed anyway. So instead of him wetting every night and having to wake up and get clean jarmies and new sheets, I just put a night nappy on him. He was dry on his own at night by the time he was 4 - he just simply no longer wet his nappy, and that was that. So I am doing the same with DD.

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    My son has just celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 6th and we are very proud of him over a year he has been night time trained. And is trained during the day. He is so good that we also dont worry about him having a drink before bed. Never even put a matris protector on his bed. Why you may ask.... i think he was just ready. Then i have the 7 year old whom still wets the bed Go figure nothing done any different bar from he had pull ups at night when training (he is a very heavy sleeper tho) but we do have to restrict his drinks in evening. My daughter was fully trained at 2 too.

    Suggestions are this but im no expert either

    Matris protector
    Praise charts
    Milk in cup with tea rather than before bed.
    Check her before bed and maybe even set your alarm so she is not in wet bed all night last thing ay want is her catching a cold. Or use Pull ups. (I never used pull ups on daughter or 3 year old only on 7 year old i have to wonder if this did not help as he couldn't feel the wetness)

    Ultimately i think when she is ready she will stop! just like my daughter and 3 year old did. Good luck tho hope that maybe something i have typed helps.

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