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Thread: Tips for Toilet Training ?

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    Default Tips for Toilet Training ?

    Hi all,

    Olivia, for the past few weeks, has been very keen to discuss all her poos and wees with us, so we figure she is approaching readiness for toilet training. She is fascinated with watching both Andrew and I go to the loo, and has started, in the past few days, to take me by the hand to the loo.

    SO........this week I am off to buy a potty and also to buy one of those step thingos that goes over the loo, with a smaller seat that fits over the loo seat.

    Last night we did nappy off time before her bath and she stood there in the nude and said "Wees Please" (LOL, so cute!) and so I asked her did she want to go to the loo, and she nodded excitedly and off we went........but she was so excited by it all, I think she forgot to go, and was also a bit scared of falling down the loo! (She is a very tiny titch, still on size 0 clothes, her little botty is too small for our loo seat....)

    Anyways, we are going to start toilet training this week........

    So, if any of you have any wise words, practical tips, failproof methods in conection with toilet training, post them here!

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    It sounds like you are all ready to go Lucy especially with her understanding all about it too. Way to go Olivia.


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    Lucy, All I can offer is let her play with the potty for a day or two & see that it's not scary etc... Let her get used to it being around!
    Rather than taker her nappy off & swit her on it, as it can be a bit frightening to all of a sudden be placed on something like that!
    I know my nephew took ages to train as he was all of a sudden introduced to a potty, with Maddy we had one for her to sit on & play with as soon as she could sit herself!
    She was fully out of day & night nappies by about 22months & I think having the potty around from day 1 helped! It wasn't just introduced one day & expected to be sat on for wees etc straight away...
    Let her get used to it, even if it means her sitting on it with nappy on for a couple times to see it's OK!

    Good Luck, she sounds ready!!!!

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    Thanks Tracy love, that is exactly the type of words of wisdom & experience I need....that is a good point about taking it slow and letting her get really familiar with it all.

    And Maddy was dry by 22 months........that is fantastic!

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    Lucy, Angus is asking to go sit on the toilet. Sometimes he wees other times he wants to get straight off again before there is a chance of anything falling in there.
    From going through a hard time with Mason I'm sure the best thing to do is sit her on when she asks, talk to her and read a book if you've got time, to get her used to sitting. I think it's hard for them to get used to the sitting.
    If something happens then you shower her with praise and even a tasty treat if that works for her. Mason loved a little chock bit and after a while I "forgot" to buy some more so he forgot about the chockie reward but was in the habit by then anyway.
    Good luck

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    \/ YAY for TT
    It sounds like it - we are in a similar position.

    Rinn decided last Friday (week ago) to ask Daddy (in the middle of our shopping at the markets) to "Potty"
    Now - we bought her a potty about 4 mths ago - as she was interested in what we were doing in the toilet. So on occasions - we would take her nappy off and let her sit on it. Nothing ever happened.

    The day after her first asking - she twice did a wee on the potty. They were both 'prompted' by us. She asked for "Big Girl Nickers" that morning - so we did it. Sunday was a great success for her.
    A big portion is us prompting her to goto the potty, If we leave her too long - she gets sidetracked>
    Dh was saying that today she has been going on her own - so I wonder if that "noticing" has kicked in.

    Honestly - follow her lead. She will let you know where she is at.
    Watch her actions - Rinn seems to act differently and the facial actions are amazing.
    Talk to her. Tell her bout the nickers and the nappies. Rinn has worked out that Nappies (nuckies) are for sleeping in and sometimes for the car (I am terrified of having to clean out the carseat :-#) She also knows that if she wants to wear BGN she needs to use the potty. And we now have this big thing of 'flushing it all down the toilet' iykwim??
    Let her feel what it is like when you wee in your nickers (or poo)
    I found a book at Borders tonite called "Big Girls use the Potty" it has sticker for rewards! So I wonder if this is going to help her!
    I will keep you posted.

    Good Luck!!!

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    We started off with teaching our 2.5 yr old to do wees on the toilet and giving him a sticker to put on a chart that I made on the computer.
    It was VERY slow progress and I wondered if I was doing something wrong - especially hearing of 18 month olds that were "toilet trained"
    There was a LOT of backwards forwards progression, but I stuck to the sticker reward system and then when DS was telling me he needed to do a wee, he would take me to the toilet to watch and verbal praise became all he needed.
    Then we moved on to pull-ups.
    I felt like they were expensive nappies, so went back to nappies for a while and helped him whenever he needed to go.
    At 3 yrs he started to go to the toilet and take his nappy off, sit on the toilet and do a wee all by himself. So back to pull-ups.
    Now he is 3 yrs, 2months and can go all night with undies on - YAYYYY!
    He still "forgets" every now and then, but if he has undies on with no shorts, he's okay.
    I think toilet training is just like learning to walk - starts with standing, then hanging on to furniture, then a few steps - and then RUNNING!
    I felt a lot of pressure from relatives to have our child toilet trained by the age of 2, especially bu my Mother who says I was toilet trained at 12months - yeah right!
    In the end I decided that it would be best to wait until he was clearly "ready" - ie able to pull his own pants on and off, otherwise, it seemed pointless for him to know how to do a wee on the toilet.

    I'm sure you will have a great time with toilet training - it is so cute
    Many great 21st stories . . . .

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    How are you going with it Lucy?

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