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    Hi everybody, Any tips on toilet training. I really want to toilet train my three year old son, But i havn't got a clue how. Shurely he should be ready by now. Hi is three

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    First you need to stay at home for 5-7 days. Miss M used a potty to start with (still does when she's up stairs) and has now gone to the big toilet for the past 6 weeks. I just took her nappy off and sat her on the potty about and hour after her breakfast and asked her to do wees. It took about 3 days for her to get the idea (and a couple of accidents) but she got the hang of it really quickly. I also got her some wiggles and fifi knickers and reminded her not to wee on Fifi. Nappies are only put on for sleeping otherwise we stayed in Knickers all day. When she did poo in the toilet we made a huge deal and she gets a sticker and chocolate (small one!) and she is still really excited when she does it. Remember to praise for everything - pulling down pants, even just sitting on the toilet - don't wait for the big result to start praising. I've heard with boys if you put a ping pong ball in the toilet and get them to aim at that! If he's tall enough (or with a step) it might work. I think there is also a sticky on TT in this forum. Goodluck and just do what works for your DS.

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