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    I just thought i'd post how we managed to stop all accidents with my 3yo. Its taken while, but we have no probs anymore, not even at nights...

    We bought a poster of my sons favourite footy player and put it behind the toilet door, Everytime he does a wee, he gets 1 sticker, poo's is 2 stickers. He's so excited now, he comes running "Mum, time to go wee's and stickers!!" We tried with just normal pieces of paper, but we found he likes sticking onto posters. And he loves footy. HTH someone, i know it took us a while to work out a system that worked for US. Good luck!!

    (BTW, its even helping our 19mo get "toilet aware" but he gets a sticker for just sitting on the potty LOL)

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    Great that you've found a technique that works for your fella Simone!

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