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Thread: Toilet Training

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    We've never pushed Lily at all. She always points to the toilet to say she wants to go. It's just she never does and always doe sit after for some reason.

    Lily and Charlie are well thanks Trish. Growing up heaps. Lily is learning heaps more words now too but she is still stubborn and whinges most the time!

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    Tegan, the good thing is that Lily is associating the toilet with that feeling that she needs to wee. So it's just a matter of getting the 2 to meet. The first time Tehya did it, none of us were even in ther room with her, it was just her and Noah. He yelled out and told us and we ran in and acted like idiots for her.

    I looked at Lily and Charlies pics the other day. Lily looks so much like you. Still has those gorgeous eyes too

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