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    Toilet training

    Hey guys. I think i have found the worst thing about having kids. Toilet training. Joshua has been toilet traing for 3 weeks now and we really haven't made any sort of progress, but he refuses to wear nappies, he takes them straight off.
    I have tried bribing him, telling him off(not really but explaining we do it in the toilet)
    Hs anyone got any tips of how i can make the process quicker? I am so sick of scrubbing my carpets. ](*,)
    Everyone i know said..."give it a whole week and you'll be right he'll be going". yeah sure.
    Any tips and ideas or even stooies of toitet training would be much appreciated.

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    How old is Joshua? I have been trying although I admit not consistently with my DS he's 2 and 4 months, SOmedays he will wee in tohe potty but I have to take the potty bit out of the chair and hold it cause boys wee standing up (thats the only way he will), guessing thats because he see's his brothers and dad do it that way. I have tried to sit on the toilet but he just wants to play with the paper. I think I will hold off alittle longer. On Joshuas case is he weeing in the toilet. If so make a game of it and put ping pong balls in the bowl and get him to aim for them. Make a huge fuss when he does it. There are no hard and fast rules to toilet traing other than persistence. Oh and Pine O Clean

    Take care

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    I am sure I saw a Dr Phil show where they did "Toilet Train your child in Just One Day". It was actually really interesting. A bit American, IYKWIM, but I can remember thinking I would try it when Olivia gets to that age.

    Maybe have a look on Dr Phils website?

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    i dont have any advice im sorry even though joshua is toilet trained and is 2yrs 7mths old he still wears a nappy to bed but as soon as he gets up he goes to the potty, i didnt train him his dad and gran did and they said it was fairly easy as all they got him to when was first thing when he woke to sit on it and sometimes during the day his daycare would get him to sit on the potty there and at night, so he just got used to it

    take care

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    Joshua is 2 and 3 months. He sits cause he doesnt like standing but i have heard of the ping pong ball thing before. Apparantly that works. oh well i'll just have to keep at it i guess.
    The joys of kids.

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    Hi savage

    Kam has been going at his own pace. When he first did wee in the potty we sung and danced and clapped and then he started getting a reward when he went (small biscuit or similar) It has been quite a few months process but I am letting him do it at his pace. He is dry by day (if we are home) I am yet to take that next step of going out without him wearing a nappy, not real sure how to go about it. But the other weekend we were at the MILs and he did ask (my holding his pants and jumping up and down) if he could goto the toilet, so i whipped his nappy off and he went. I had to sit him on the big toilet and hold him though as they don't have a potty.

    Goodluck I totally sympathise with you.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Oh i forgot to mention. If Kameron is in jocks he will just wet them straight away, but trousers/shorts only and he is fine.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Hi - hang in there - it's not the worst thing cos when it happens regularly, you'll cry with happiness.

    when we did it, caitlin was 2 years and 3 months and it was a week when i didnt have to go out at all - no playgroup, netball, shopping, swimming, so thats all we did for that week. and we rang nan or a relie up when she went and had an M&M and sometimes opened the front door and did a little yell into the street "guess what everyone ? ..."

    people say that when they're ready it will happen in a week. a friends son is nearly 3 and shows no sign of interest in the pot or toilet. he knows what he's doing and he's quite happy to di it in his pants.

    maybe some spider man undies ? or shrek or something ? we also picked out the potty together. it was a purple turtle. i had one of those seat ones originally with the little tray around the front, but caitlins bottom got suction cupped to that if she sat there too long !