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Thread: Toilet training breakthroughs!

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    Default Toilet training breakthroughs!

    Toilet training for some toddlers can be extremely difficult. This stage comes at a time where the young child can sway between wanting to please Mum and Dad one day and being fiercely objectionable the next.

    This has been the case for my son, Mason, who I think in some way refused to use the toilet or potty just because I wanted him to.

    Then one day while out shopping, I had to go and I went into the parent and child toilet at the shopping centre. When I asked him if he wanted to go he refused. When I was about to walk out the door he decided to pull his pants down and sit on the little toilet. When he weed on that toilet I almost cried I was so happy. He was also very pleased with himself and after that he was quite happy to sit on the toilet at home.
    Mason was 3 1/2 by now and beside a few accidents, from then on was pretty good with the whole thing.

    What about your child? Was there a breakthrough moment when it all just clicked for your child? Please share your stories with us.

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    My little man has a little while to go yet! But I loved hearing about Mason, what a cutie!

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    Lindsay was nearly 3 and VERY bashful and would not pull his pants down in front of anyone to sit on the potty. So for the first week the poor little bugger would just sit on it with his undies up to do it. Then he wouldn't poo in the potty and would do it in his night nappy before it came off in the morning, so to get him to do it in the toilet, I bribed him with a new toy car. That first time he did it in the toilet he realised it wasn't so bad afterall and was fine after that (he also had his new car too!). He was night trained a few days after that, so the process only took about 3wks all up. Erin was a different kettle of fish altogether and took to it right away and was trained at 2.

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    We had a go at this when James was just under 3 & it just wasn't a happening thing, I was nearly tearing my hair out at the frustration of it all. He understood what he had to do just couldn't be bothered. So after many discussions with my mum & my MIL we decided to let him go back in nappies for a bit & then try again. 8wks later of his own accord we found him sitting on his potty doing wees & from there on in it has been a breeze.

    But as such I don't think we had a "lightbulb" moment over it.

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