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    My DD is 21 months. A couple of months ago she started taking off her nappy throughout the day and started using the potty, very sparingly. Now however, sometimes if I catch her quick enough, or sometimes she does tell me to go to the big toilet she will go and do her deeds. BUT lately in the past week or two, she now refuses to wear a nappy at all at home and just simply wees or poos wherever she likes. This is driving me crazy along with a lot of cleaning up episodes. I have placed her potty in the kitchen for easier access, but how do I stop her from doing wees everywhere? I thought girls were easier to train than boys, but with DS I waited until he was 2 and 2 months and he picked it up without any qualms. Am I expecting too much of my DD?
    She is the one that is interested in doing the toilet thing, I would much rather she waited a bit longer. What to do?

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    I have no idea cause we're toilet training too (DD has just turned 2) and so far it isn't going so well!

    She's also started to take her nappy off in bed and I really want her toilet trained soon.

    She hasn't even managed to do a single wee on the toilet yet, I'll sit her on it until she wants to get off then 2 mins later she'll wet her pants. Soooooo frustrating!

    I think if we just were lucky enough to time it right that she actually did a wee (or poo, but I'm not holding my breath for that) on the toilet she might grasp the concept a bit better?

    It's soooo frustrating!

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    Mackenzie pretty much TT'd herself and we started when she took her nappy off one morning. I used the old fashion towelling knickers to start with - you can get them for a few dollars from Safeway. We also used reward stickers - i put a coloured piece of paper on the wall with blue tack right next to the toilet then everytime she sat on the toilet she got a sticker - even if she didn't do anything. Chocolate is also used as a huge bribe in our house. Not big bits just small pieces. It's important to reward for the little things not just the finished product! So just sitting on the potty make a huge song and dance about. I found once Miss M did a few wees in her knickers she knew what it felt like and knew when to go to the toilet. We stayed home for the week she was being trained but she was ready to make trips out to the shops after about 3 days. I also sat her on the potty after she had a drink of milk and read her a book and that seemed to help her understand too. She has been TT'd since July and we have only had a handful of accidents - she has been night trained since 2 weeks ago and she hasn't wet the bed once. In saying all this we still have tantrums about going to the toilet (especially when she gets up of a morning) if she's too busy doing her thing (playing, watching Alice in Wonderland or just being lazy) but bribing her usually works 9 times out of 10. I guess I have no answers really but just keep at it and it will work. One thing I was told, once you have gone to knickers don't go back to nappies as it confuses everything! Goodluck

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    hi, I Don't know really what to say to help you, Madison has been TT\d for about 3 weeks and today was the first day she went to bed ( day time sleep) with out a nappy. When i used to put MAdison on the potty awhen she first started we used to reward her with chocolate, but i lthink she really got the hang of it as she she stayed over at her cousins house and they are older girls.
    So you could maybe reward and wee's poo's with a special treat.

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    Just to give you the heads up on my experience, it took at least 3 frustrating months, and even then up to 18 months later at age 4, she just stood at the front door and wee'd cause she didn't get to the toilet in time. My DD is very very dreamy and distracted! Food and toileting totally get in the way of her having a good time.

    Anyway, we did it in Summer, used the cloth training underpants from Coles or somewhere. We put her on the toilet/potty about 5-15 minutes after each drink. We only gave her water the whole time so that she would only drink if she was really thirsty (ie. not apple juice or milk except at dinner time). We tried to make it happen at regular times each day but the fights we would have at bedtime were shocking! However we finally did get there - preschool was AWESOME for helping her out!
    It took FOREVER, for her to do a poo in the potty, and we definitely used smarties as bribes etc. My best mate took me out for a champagne when she finally did a poo in the potty it was that traumatic for all of us!

    Do your DD's mind being wet? My DD hated it so it was a kind of incentive for her to get to the toilet. Or do they just enjoy being grownup enough to be able to take their nappy off??? You could try pinning or gaffer taping the nappy (even disposable) if you don't want her to take it off! Otherwise Pullups might be a goer? Just expensive.

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    No advice either I'm afraid - we're in exactly the same boat as Willow
    I really want her trained by winter but I just don't see it happening. We're getting nowhere so having a bit of a break.

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