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Thread: Toilet training success! :)

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    Default Toilet training success! :)

    Well Lucy hasnt had an accident since Wednesday now and is only wearing nappies at night WOOHOO!

    We started by putting her in undies on Monday & Tuesday at kinder as they have the small kiddy toilet she usually is happy to go on. Well those first few days there were a few accidents and she refused to wee on the toilet. On Wednesday she had no accidents, but went the ENTIRE DAY at kinder without weeing, she just held on all day. When I brought hre home, she pretty much ran inside and jumped on the toilet to wee just like that! So that was great.

    She also really needed to do a poo and kept begging me for a nappy so she could do it in that. I refused and just kept putting her on the toilet and she kept holding it back.

    After a few hours of this though, she couldnt hold on any longer, so she asked me for a nappy again, when I said no she asked for the toilet, we put her on and she did her first poo on the toilet!!

    She was so proud of herself! We made a huge deal out of it, and brought Coleman in to see her too, and she was really happy. We flushed it away and said "goodbye poos!" and now she says that everytime so its a happy occassion and not a scarey one anymore.

    She hasnt had an accident since, just tells us when she wants to go cos she likes us to be there to praise her. We did start off by giving her a lolly every time she went, but she stopped asking so we stopped giving, now its just a 'big girl' thing to do.

    Unfortunately, she is getting her final molar in at the moment so has diarreah, but she still hasnt had any accidents, just goes to the toilet a lot! I was worried it would undo our good work but she has coped very well.

    Anyway just wanted to brag about my little girl all grown up. She is 2yrs & 6.5months but seems much older already


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    =D> \/ Well Done!!!!

    We are all proud!!!!

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