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Thread: Toilet Training Support Group!

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    Default Toilet Training Support Group!

    Is there one??????

    I'm sure TT has come up a thousand times but thought maybe we could start a support group for all those ones that are either going through or wanting to go through toilet training to discuss what we are all doing and how we are progressing!

    My story so far.....

    O.K, if someone asked me one thing you hate about parenting up until now I probably wouldn't have said anything. BUT, since we have been trying to introduce the toilet to DD life has become one big headache.

    She's happy to wear her knickers during the day, we had one day where she went a few times on "her toilet" (potty), and then it all went pear shaped after she did a poo on there.
    I honestly think poo petrifies her, does that sound weird??? DS did a poo (accidently in the bath when they were both in there) and ever since then she has screamed and cried each bath time.

    This is what we are doing:

    Have said that as of tomorrow there will be no more nappies, you are a big girl now, you can wear your knickers, you can choose which ones you want to wear each day! ( we may be choosing a few each day! LOl)

    We call the potty (her toilet) as I think it confuses them if you call it a potty and not a toilet!

    We have set up a chart and stuck it on the bathroom wall, stamps and stickers for success. So many stamps get a treat!

    We are going to use the Aldi pull ups at night time, but call them "night time knickers" so the word nappy is ever mentioned! i think that confuses them too if you still call pull ups nappies or pull ups!

    Not even going to bother with pull ups during the day as she can't pull them up or down anyhow, they don't seem all that good to me.

    We have bought those trainer pants which aren't too bad which we may use for shopping ventures until a bit further down the track.

    I'd love to hear everyones elses thought's, ideas etc!


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    OOOPs.... Just realised there is a whole TT and Nappies section, can this be moved to there????? Thank you!

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