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Thread: TT Mistake?

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    Default TT Mistake?

    I'm hoping that I haven't done the wrong thing with DS. The background is that he started TT himself (Flushing the toilet when he'd wet or dirtied his nappy), and other times asking to sit on the toilet. Sometimes he's do wee or poo, other times nothing. This started when he was about 16 months old. DS #2 arrived when DS #1 was 19 months (11 weeks ago), and with me away for a few days and the disrupted routine Jack stopped using the toilet. Now he is telling me when he has done poo, and is asking to do wee wees in the toilet at least twice a day. Everytime he sits on the toilet now he does wee.

    So the problem is this. Sometimes he only does a very small amount of wee and it looks like he's trying hard to do it. I'm worried that when I sat him on the toilet earlier and told him to try to do wee wees I've done the wrong thing, and now he sits on the toilet when he doesn't really need to and tries too hard IYKWIM?

    Does anyone have any info or advice??

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    Mum "made" us wee before bed each night, and we had no probs TT'ing. I wouldnt' think you've done any harm He might have a bit of stage fright? hehe. Maybe running the tap would help it along? I've heard others tell their kids they can see the wee moving down thru their tummies and oh! look! it's coming! and they wee! LOL.

    Gosh - the fun and games I have to look forward too. LOL.

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