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Thread: Very Baby Simply Nights order

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    Exclamation Very Baby Simply Nights order

    Just to make sure that all who want to know about this, so hear about it;

    In the nappy thread, there are a number of us that are keen to get a VBSN nappy. As they are as rare as hen's teeth to get from Ericas (here in Aust), I have previously ordered and received one from the original Very Baby maker in the USA. And I am very happy with it and intend to get another couple.

    The big thing with ordering nappies from overseas, is that the postage kills you for the postage of just one nappy. It is nearly half the cost of the nappy again, so I thought that if a few of us wanted to get nappies from the same place, then we could split the postage (the more the merrier...or more negliable the postage costs).

    So, to this end, we are submitting a VBSN order. Girls who want one have PM'd me with their order. If anyone else would like to add to the order, please let me know ASAP. I am intending to submit the order by SUNDAY JUNE 11th.

    I highly recommend checking out the website of the nappy maker. It is TallulahBaby (do all the web address stuff). You will be able to get info on sizing, pricing and everything to do withnappy (snaps or aplix, doublers or not..etc). If you are having trouble, please PM me, or leave your query on this thread.

    I have already given some conversions (price and sizing) in the cloth nappy thread (#13). There are not many pages, so just scroll through and look for my posts.

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    So far, I have 10 nappies on the order. Any more?

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    Ok, just about to send off order.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    You've done a magnificent job, Hayseed!!
    Well done and thankyou soooooo much!!

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