thread: Weeing a lot - is this normal

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    Dec 2006

    Weeing a lot - is this normal

    We started to try TT'ing our 2 1/2 year old boy and we changed his undies 7 times in 2 hours. Is this normal? He was born with kidney reflux and we're not sure if this is linked or not. Do toddlers normally wee this much? What do we do to help him get it? Really would appreciate some advice. TIA.

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    Nov 2007

    I don't have any kids, but the first thing I thought of was diabetes - has he had any unexplained weight gain/loss? Is he tired all the time? If he's already been diagnosed with kidney reflux and this is abnormal for him, I would definitely take him to the doctor.

    Hope that helps chicky

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    Tallon did it... i could not believe how much wee he could produce! He'd do a big wee on the toilet.. praise praise praise.. get him off and he promptly do another massive wee on the carpet! Put him back on the loo while cleaning up, and he squeezes out another one! LOL. I was almost in tears with frustration cos he was weeing every 10 minutes. I did 3 half days of training, and gave up. Gave it a couple of months, and could see that he was more ready to train, and he trained really quickly, and knew how to hold onto his wee! LOL.

    He trained over christmas, so he was 2yr9mths. haven't night trained yet.. he's still waking up heaps wet, and gets really cranky if I whisk him off to the loo when he first gets up. I figure he'll get it when he's ready

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    Dec 2006

    Thank you Liz that has made me feel so much better. Was talking to my sister - who has 4 kids and she said it's pretty normal and to try again later too. Good luck to you.