thread: what are eenee weenees nappies like?

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    I actually don't soak at all, it's not necessary. ok, well I"ll admit if there's a really feisty one I'll chuck it in a bucket of coles sensitive nappy soaker or napisan babycare, but that's rare.

    other than that a good quality, powder environmentally friendly detergent should do the trick. I use Aware Sensitive. no enzymes, bleaches, optical brighteners etc. I haven't had any problems. almost anything will leave stains other than napisan, but they come out in the sun so I use that. even big yellow stains come out straight away on the line in the sun. it is the best bleach of all.

    I like terries in the gaynor fold for the first few weeks. search the nappy lady uk site for that fold. after that, go to the bat fold. You could get some newborn fitteds, but they do tend to not use them for long. if you have a baby over 8 pound, you could go straight to a fitted or a mix and match, but under that most fitteds would be either too big or using a v. small size that will be too quickly grown out of.

    I wash my dd (and myself, hair etc) with the body wash from Organic instinct, sold in amcals. totally organic and the shampoo, body wash etc all have baby specific versions, although more expensive so I just use the general ones which have been fine.

    I use toilet paper to wipe her after the potty, which is most poos. for the odd one, plus the vomits that go all over and need a proper wipe, I use Wotnot baby wipes. Seventh generation are brilliant too, but wot not are half the price and jus the same, basically chemical free.

    some mcn are bulky, others not. the peapods are cheap and quite slim, as are hte bumgenius, bumware. baby beehinds seem a bit bulky to me.

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    I tried the wotnots but didnt like them. They were too dry for me and they all stick together so I could never get just one out!
    But love 7th gen.
    Thanks for the info re: bulk. I am starting to get quite interested.

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    Nicole - thanks for all the bulk info on the email still have to read some of it EC sounds good.

    I guess will probably have an advantage with this bub being summer. will definetly look in to and try to give it a go. how far I get I think will depend on what bubs like and how much sleep I get, I really don't function too good on little sleep but hey maybe you just get used to it. its so hard to really know what it will be like like! Its also amazing how diffent babys are, I have friends that their bubs only poo once a week for the first 3 months others that poo twice a day! anyways fingers crossed for the EC and I think I have heaps of reading to do.

    As far as cloth goes, I am definetly going to give it a go. I think probably MCN sounds like more my style just cause it sseems easier but like you say will probably start with flats (is that the same like prefolds??). I'm still not sure about going full cloth or maybe alternating with eenees, and I think I'll defently get some eco disposables to have on hand. I am thinking for the hospi it might be easier to just do eco disposables and start on cloth when we get home? its a shame the ennies newborn thing didn't work for you cause I was thinking that would have been handy. I don't know what to think about the gel. I guess huggies must use a lot of it if its coming up in the nappies but like nicole said eenees and bambos don't. Safesties do seem expensive almost twice the price of bambos! but I guess if they are only for an emergency or going out it won't be so bad. plus the price will probably make me use them less! anyways I think I have to do some research of MCN and which ones to buy, I am defently convencied I need to buy them before bubs born so then I will use them when he/she fits into them otherwise having to research and order MCN with a newborn might be just to hard. I really wanted to get a saving pakage but I guess might be better to get a few pockets (peapods), some fitted with covers (I guess these are better for the night - I think I read somewhere bambo BBH with a wool cover is great for night???) and some AIO. have either of you tried the BBH AIO's they seem so cheap compared to bumgenious, but I guess they are sized. Another point is what is the life expectancy of these MCN I mean are they gonna last 3 kids? cause that would be a huge saving since this bub no1.

    Krys - sadly is not an NGO (I wish) I work for a consultancy mostly cleaning up contaminated sites for developments. quite stressful but a good place to start. looking foward to having a break and being a mum! how about you?

    thats a long post they have moring tea for someones bday better go before theres none left! sorry for the spelling preg brain and typing very fast!
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    I remembered the other day why I didn't use the weenees. My house is on a slab and I was paranoid of blocking the toilet with the flushable pad thingys. The instructions say to rip them up first but that didn't appeal