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Thread: What nappies to buy?

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    Question What nappies to buy?

    I have been looking at all the different brands on the market and have no idea what are the best to buy.

    Huggies appear to be good....or maybe thats because they are a big brand company?

    What brand does everyone use for newborns that are reliable, and value for money??

    Are some better for day use/night use?

    Please help or offer some suggestions


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    Hi Kim,

    Well there are so many different brands of Nappies & can get a bit confussing!
    I say if you want to TRY a certain type try to just buy a smaller packet so you can see how they go first.
    Every baby is different so what suits one may not be as good for another.
    Huggies are like the VIP of nappies. I personally have found them great.
    I never ventured to begin with until Nixon was a few months old i started trying other brands.
    Since then i have also found snugglers & aldi to be pretty good (but still put him in huggies o/n.) In saying that though the first time i tried aldi he kept leaking through them. i waited a while tried again next size up and they have been great!

    Once you have established what brand you want to use also go hunting to get them the cheapest you can! so many places sell nappies these days(safeway,coles,bi-lo,iga,target,kmart,nappyland,babyco,chemists etc etc, at least one of them will always have a sale!!

    i hope i havent made you even more confused now!
    Good luck with the birth & happy nappy hunting!

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    I've used snugglers the most and have been happy with them.
    I haven't found there to be all that much difference except for the grip tabs and now most have them.

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    I use Snugglers during the day and Huggies at night time. I stuck with Huggies for the first few months before trying other brands - they are definately the VIP of nappies!

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    spreckemily Guest


    I have had big probles with babylove as my little man leaks through them. I have found that Huggies are definetly the best. Cheapest I have found is at BIG W.

    Good Luck

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    CaughtGypsy Guest


    Like many of the others I find Huggies to be the best. I also like the Wollies bran though.

    My DS leaked through everything initially until I worked out to point his FS down as well LOL! Fun times ahead.

    The bounty bag has a few diff sorts and if you can get along to a baby fair you can get a few samples to try. Some chemists have free nurses who weigh and measure bubs. They will have samples that you can try. It just saves buying a bag and not liking them.

    A friend found a couple of others in her group and each bought a diff brand and shared them out.

    Trial, failure and success is the best way.

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    With an almost 3 yr old and an 11 month old, I have tried just about every nappy on the market. Since trying the Aldi ones, I have never looked back. They are fantastic and great value for money.

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    I used Huggies for Sara when she was a nb but switched to Babylove. They have been great for Sara and they are often on special at one of the big grocery shops.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    The Mamia nappies at Aldi are brilliant. As good as Huggies imo (but for a fraction of the price).

    Otherwise you could save some money and go with modern cloth nappies... hehehe

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    I use the Aldi Mamia for DD and they are great for her and you can't go past them value-wise.

    I bought a few packets of the small size for Toby but I don't like them so much on him. Their newborn size seems to be huge and they're a bit stiff on a tiny little body...they didn't leak but they just looked and felt uncomfortable to me
    So we used Huggies first off and now were using Snugglers, very happy with both.
    It definitely depends on the baby, DD could never wear Snugglers - they always leaked on her - but DS, no problem!

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