: What nappies are you using for your newborn?

  • Cloth

    102 38.06%
  • Huggies

    111 41.42%
  • VIP's

    0 0%
  • Snugglers

    7 2.61%
  • Baby Love

    15 5.60%
  • Home/chemist brand

    5 1.87%
  • Other

    17 6.34%
  • Aldi

    11 4.10%
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thread: What nappies are you using?

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    Feb 2003
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    What nappies are you using?

    To get the newborn topic started, I have created a poll so we can all see what sort of nappies mums are using. If there is a brand that you think should be included, please email me and we will add it so you can place your vote. Enjoy!

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    I used Cloth when Kameron was a baby, and still do !!! I use disposable to go out and when Kameron goes to bed and prefer babylove to everything else. In Snugglers Kameron wakes up wet every morning and Huggies are just to dear for my budget.

    I also get babylove from a Happy Nappy Service as I can get seconds with a box of 70 (large) costing $28. I have had 5 boxes since Kameron has been around thus far and only ever had 1 dud nappy.


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    May 2003
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    This might sound like a totally dumb question, but how many nappies do newborns usually go through? With Olivia we seem to be going through LOADS!

    We have Huggies (v.expensive) and some Babylove (seem to leak up the back unless we do them up quite tightly?) and some Bebe (good, but a bit big for Olivia at this stage).

    I am going to actually count today, but some days we seem to get through about 15! Sometimes with Huggies we can't actually tell if they are wet with wee, or just a tiny bit damp (it's a humid sweaty climate up here in the NT) so are changing her and giving her a new nappy "just in case"......

    Does this sound "normal"?

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    Hi Lucy

    6-8 a day i was told by a midwife when I had Kameron. But was a lot more than that when he had gastro badly.

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    I heard that it is normal for newborn to use up to 10-12 nappies per day.

    I use Huggies, and I agree that it is harder to tell when they need to be changed as the wee gets turned into gel, and sometimes you take the nappy off and realise it could have lasted for hours more!
    I still like Huggies the best just for the convenience of not having to clean up leakage, plus they seem to last very long, and Aidyn has never had nappy rash - probably because the nappy draws the wetness away from his skin.
    I had a brief stint with trying Snugglers, but they leaked constantly so I just went back to Huggies.

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    I used cloth for a few weeks with Lachlan then gave up, it was all too much with Kam still in nappies as well.

    So I used to use babylove till they changed them now I don't find them as good, and have found Coles brand to be better.


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    spiddles Guest

    I use huggies at home but at daycare I have no idea what brand they use. He comes home in ones that have clear plastic tabs and unbrellas and teddies (I think) aross the middle.

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    Jul 2004

    I use huggies and think they're great! Have used baby love but they always leaked so went back to huggies. With Lily i don't have to guess wheather or not to change the nappy or leave it bit longer coz she always does huge wees that you can smell a mile away! (sorry if TMI)

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    Oct 2003
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    We used Huggies in the first stage until she was out of the newborns and then we trialed quite a few others... now she's in cloth at home and in the chemist brand Cosifits for outings & night... I found they leak heaps less than this stage Huggies on her :-k maybe she has a weird shaped bum..LOL!

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    Jan 2005
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    I used cloth with Mason till he was about 12 weeks then too many leaks.
    I tried huggies (expensive) baby love and snugglers which were fine for day but leaked overnight.
    So I used snugglers by day and huggies at night. I still use these for Angus.
    I buy a bulk box when they are on special so cheaper in the long run.

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    Nikki Guest

    I used cloth on Jayden until he went to daycare (4 months old), then switched to Snugglers until he was just less then 1 year old & now we use Huggies & Pull - Ups.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    I used huggies on Em when she first got home form hospital, then I wnet to cloth, now I use Bilo brand nappie, they are really cheap, and great absorbancy (as well as the grip tabs etc)


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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I use Huggies but have just started to use Coles own as they have changed them.

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    Kellie. Huggies and Kameron don't belong in the same sentence either, didn't agree with him which is why i switched to baby love, and snugglers just kept leaking


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Only ever used cloth nappies, the entire time day & night with DD...
    Will do so again, as I really liked them, they were cheap & so easy to use!

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    Nov 2004

    We use cloth at home and Snugglers at day care.

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    layla Guest

    I'll admit that both my kids only ever had a cloth nappy on their bum's while they were still in hospital!
    We started using Huggies from the day we brought them home and used them right through until they were toilet trained!
    I know it's bad for the environment and all but I figured I was balancing it out by fully breastfeeding. (No tins of formula to throw away or bottles to wash and sterilize etc...)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003

    we will be suing huggies and probably snugglers as thast what i used with josh and they worked great

    take care

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