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    My DS turned 2 in March and has started telling me when he has done a poo. He also sits on the potty and says pee pee but never bear bottomed only with his clothes on. How do I get started, I don't want to force him but he seems to know what the potty is for and he definitely knows about his poos, he just doesn't tell me early enough! I've no idea how to make a start...

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    we have started only becuase jack likes to take his nappy off

    anyway before his bath/shower we get him to sit on the potty we have had a couple of pee's so all is good we make it a fun thing he sometimes gets givena nd book or catalogue and just sits there, I read the first step was to get them to sit on potty bare bummed

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    Perhaps if he has a fave TV show- or a show you don't mind him watching, you can prop him in front of the TV bare-bummed without saying anything about going to the toilet. When he is relaxed and happy sitting there, he may absent-mindedly pee or poo on the potty as he usually does in the nappy. If and when he does- you can reward him. Just an idea...

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